Design #335AY – Bedazzling Happy Birthday Card

Personalized birthday cards are just one of the many ways to acknowledge an associate or an employee, letting them know that they are an important and integral part of your team. It shows that each individual is vital to the success of a company and worthy of a personal acknowledgment on their own special day.

Design #335AY, Bedazzling Happy Birthday Card, evokes the spirit of fun. The “Happy Birthday” sentiment is cleverly spelled out with a colorful array of dots. These dots vary in size and give the impression that the artist had a grand time as the creation was bedazzled into a fun filled design.

Design #335AY - Bedazzling Happy Birthday Card
Design #335AY - Bedazzling Happy Birthday Card

If you want to bedazzle with personalized birthday cards, consider this design or check out one of the many other designs offered by The Gallery Collection. You are guaranteed to find one that will tickle your fancy.

3 thoughts on “Design #335AY – Bedazzling Happy Birthday Card”

  1. I love this design. I actually ordered this and I’m very happy with the look and quality of these cards. I get so many compliments and calls from friends and family asking “where did you get this from”.

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