Business Birthday Cards – What A Great Concept

One day on my way to my office, I was trying to think of a way to boost the morale of my co-workers, as well as try to find a way to improve the way we interact with our clients. As I approached the elevator, I noticed someone was holding a birthday card they had received. “That’s it!” I said to myself. “I’ll send out business birthday cards!” I headed to my desk and went online to The Gallery Collection. They had such a wonderful selection of birthday cards I was bound to find a few I liked. Well, I not only found birthday cards, they also had assortment boxes for all occasions. I was having a ball ordering everything I needed to fill my needs. And I couldn’t believe how easy it was.

Business Birthday Cards

After I ordered my birthday cards and all occasion cards, I went in search of lists for birthdays and anniversaries of co-workers and clients. Wow, I can’t believe how many are coming up so fast. I made my list, and once I received the cards I got started on signing and sending them all out. I was thanked by the people I work with and business seems to have picked up. All from a birthday card. What a concept!

9 thoughts on “Business Birthday Cards – What A Great Concept”

  1. Face it – everyoen likes to be acknowledged on their birthday. It’s a small gesture that reaps huge rewards. My boss gives birthday cards to all of the employees and we all look forward to receiving the card each year.

  2. One of the nicest things in my office is that every year we receive a birthday card signed by everyone. It really makes you feel special knowing everyone took a moment to remember your special day.

  3. When I get a card from my supervisor it makes you feel good. For some reason it boosts your morale and makes you think the company appreciates and values you as a person.

  4. I’m glad to know everyone hasn’t decided just an e-card will do when it comes to birthdays. There are a lot of e-card options out there now, but none of them can do what a real, live card can do to make a person feel good. My birthday was a month ago, and the cards I received from my co-workers meant a lot to me, because each was an expression of their individual personalities.

  5. Most of my employees take off on their birthday but sometimes it’s not always guaranteed that you will get it off. I started a tradition since last year, if you have to work on your birthday, you receive a birthday card from all your fellow employees and a birthday cake so we can celebrate your special day! I’ve been ordering the birthday greeting cards from The Gallery Collection and I have never been disappointed!

  6. I’ve worked in Fortune 100 companies most of my adult life and have rarely seen the Chairman of the Board much less received a Birthday acknowledgement. In my present company we all receive a Birthday card from the Chairman and what a moral booster it is. Might sound corny but this thoughtful gesture does indeed make me feel like a part of the family.

  7. I worked for a company in which the owner seemed to pick and choose who he decided to give birthday cards to. Not very nice… Maybe I should send him a link to this blog.

  8. I have been the recipient of birthday cards from my employer for the last 4 years. When I saw that it was from the Gallery Collection I was really amazed when I logged onto their website. The cards I saw were by far the best I have ever seen. Now I am hooked. I have purchased several cards for my friends and loved ones ever since and I recommend them to anyone.

  9. It does seem like such a small thing but I know I’m always tocuhed whenever someone gives me a card. I appreciate whenever someone acknowledges my birthday but there is this slightly larger thrill from getting an actual card. And it keeps reminding me how much I am loved when I see the collection of cards displayed on my desk.

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