Design #453AE – Birthday Surprise

Design # 453AE, Birthday Surprise Greeting Card, will be a welcome surprise for anyone who receives this design. When it comes to sending employee birthday cards to your staff, you want your cards to extend joyful wishes but not be too flowery or extravagant; Birthday Surprise is the ideal card for this purpose. Blue foil balloons, accompanied by blue and silver confetti float out of a decorated blue box that is bedecked in an elegant silver and blue ribbon. A “Happy Birthday” sentiment is engraved in lustrous silver foil. This unique design is printed and embossed on glossy white stock. The balloons, box, and bow seem to pop off the paper. It is a happy design that will bring joy to your employees.

Design #453AE - Birthday Surprise Greeting Card
Design #453AE - Birthday Surprise Greeting Card

Sending employee birthday cards is important. Your employees are the back bone of your company. A dedicated, hard-working staff can make a business successful. As an employer, if you show your appreciation of your staff members’ services to you, they will become more enthusiastic about their job, benefiting your company as a whole. A business birthday card is the perfect way to show your employees that you care about them personally and recognize that they are an integral part of your business.

3 thoughts on “Design #453AE – Birthday Surprise”

  1. Love the Blues…. this would also look great on a dark card. Very cool and nice for anyone business associate, neighbor, friend, etc. Great detail work as always at the Gallery.

  2. Buy-in is vital for every company today. Employees need to feel that they are a key part of the success of the organization they work for. Birthdays cards provides a great opportunity to tell them so.

  3. This would make the perfect employee card. Its Very attractive and look like the person who got it put some thought into it. Beautiful

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