3 Easy Business Topic Birthday Card Ideas

              Your employee comes to work on time, works hard and stays late. How do you show your appreciation for them as an employer? What traits should you recognize in your birthday card if they are focused on their career? What about if they are a good person? What if you just need to say happy birthday in a special way? Rest assured, here are three business topics for the three kinds of scenarios you may encounter as an employer.

Career Oriented Birthday Card

              This person is special in the way that they work. Show them how much you value their work ethic by highlighting their work behaviors. This may be by their dedication to the companies mission statement,

Character Oriented Birthday Card

              This person by the worth of their integrity. Reflect their values by honoring them for the good deeds they have done for coworkers, clients or their communities.

Fun Oriented Birthday Card

              This person is recognized by their social relations to how they interact with their fellow employees. If you know they lighten up the mood when things get rough or they know how to include new employees or connect them, recognize it! Write down what you’ve noticed and why it matters.

              No matter what kind of individual you are working with, you can take the time to recognize them in their own way. Go beyond their age by seeing the good in their personality.

The Positive Impact of Sending Birthday Cards to Employees


Employees are people just like you and me, if you own or run a business then it’s your job to know that.  They have good days and bad days and as an employer you affect that every day they come into work.  That’s why when an employee’s birthday comes around it’s important to know that you can make a huge impact with something as small as a birthday card.  This lets them know they’re not regarded as just a cog in a wheel but someone appreciated and valued at their workplace.  Something like our Cupcake Dots Birthday Card would brighten up anyone’s day with the colorful cupcake but maybe even more important, the actual message on it.  Happy Birthday from all of us, simple, but it lets that employee know, you as a company not just as an entity but an organization of all the different people who make it up value and remember them.  Employees would as a result of receiving this card feel more welcome and comfortable in their workplace causing them to work at optimal levels because they know, you as the employer do care.  Birthday cards have a huge positive impact on your employees that make the cost virtually nonexistent and the rewards endless.  Employers get to wishing those happy birthdays and sending out those cards to see just how much more optimistic your employees will be!

Greeting Cards Highlight – Employee Birthday Cards

What distinguishes a great company from a good company? One that remembers to wish its employees a happy birthday! It may seem like such a simple gesture but wishing your employees a happy birthday with a birthday card will show that your company truly cares about its employees. Here are a few picks that will show your employees how much you appreciate them:

The Stars and Streamers Birthday Card on cream matte stock features a dazzling array of gold foil stars and decorative streamers on the front surrounding a beautiful blue gift box. A die-cut box completes the attractive look of the card by featuring your company name in gold.

For coworkers, the Birthday Gathering Card would be an especially great card for department coworkers or the whole office employees. This charming design features cartoon characters as coworkers with the warm message, “Happy birthday from all of us!” There is also an elderly gentleman with a red bowtie waving from a yellow cake with pink icing that says “Celebrate!” The happy message of the card will surely make your employees and coworkers smile.

Another great birthday celebration card for employees is the Party Birds Birthday Card. Wish your colleagues a happy birthday from everyone through this amazingly detailed and colorful birthday card featuring birds with party hats and detailed tail feathers. This card is another fun and memorable card that will impress your colleagues.

The Happy Birthday Glow Card features “Happy Birthday” as beautifully embossed letters. The “Happy Birthday” letters look like birthday candles amongst the decorative detail, such as the embossed, colorful stars. Once again, this card is perfect for companies because of the die-cut window on the front that attractively displays either your company name in gold or a personalized message.

Finally, the Birthday Starburst Card on white matte stock is a simple but truly attractive birthday card featuring a large blue balloon with silver iridescent stars sparkling. Variegated foil in shades of blue and silver sparkle while tiny silver embossed stars surround the blue balloon, creating depth. This card is another “don’t miss” birthday card that would be perfect for your employees.

Stay Connected To Your Employees with Employee Birthday Cards


I’ve been in business a long time and it doesn’t seem like it was ever harder to stay afloat than it is today. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I feel like I need to constantly learn something new to keep pace with the competition. Don’t get the wrong idea, I never stood still. I understand about keeping up, if you don’t, forget about it. I’m talking about the speed of it all today, seems like I’m always a little behind. Email, Facebook, twitter and all the ways to connect that I don’t know about yet. Being where the business is makes me dizzy!

It makes me wonder too about some of the things I spend my money on. There’s never been a greater urgency to look for ways to trim the fat, and get the most out of every nickel. Employee birthday cards, for example. Are they really worth the time, effort and expense? There are cards for anniversaries, Christmas and more so it adds up. I know it’s important to stay connected to your employees, but do they really care about getting a card? I know they used to, but I’ve got a lot of new, younger people now and I’m not so sure.

Honestly I hate how impersonal and cold it would be to do away with the cards, employee birthday cards. I think I’ll look elsewhere for savings. I’m betting the personal touch is still worth something.

Employee Birthday Cards Lift Office Spirits

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I know when I hear those words or receive a card my initial reaction is a big smile.  Most people expect that yearly card from their moms, kids, other family members.  But sometimes it’s the little gesture from an unexpected source that makes that big smile into a huge smile coming straight from the heart.  Employee birthday cards are just the thing to bring on this feeling.

bday photo

Giving employee birthday cards will lift the spirit and make the employee feel valued and special.  Last year, my supervisor gave me a birthday card and I was shocked.  The feeling of warmth made me feel joy the entire day.  This is an easy way to make me know that the company I work for doesn’t just care about the productivity I am generating, but that the company cares about me as an individual.

Employee birthday cards can change a person’s attitude for the better.  A simple card shows that you are sincerely appreciated for all that you do.  Knowing that you matter to your boss leaves you with an uplifting feeling.  If the employee feels honored by the acknowledgement, he or she will want to do whatever necessary to make the business successful.  Celebrating an employee’s birthday with a card is a simple way to lift his or her spirits and create a successful work environment.

Why You Should Send Employee Birthday Cards

I have been in business for 14 years now, and have noticed that bigger companies have forgotten how to appreciate their employees. I take great pride in treating my employees as friends, maybe even extended family. Although I am a smaller company with 50-60 employees, I still feel it is imperative that I send Employee Birthday Cards every month to those who are celebrating. Most of my employees have been with me since I opened my doors, and I would like to keep them around until the day my doors close.

Vivid Birthday Celebration Card

Sending a birthday card, or any other card for that matter, keeps the moral upbeat. I add my own little message to each and every card I send. I want to show my employees just how much they mean to me and that without them, my company would not be where it is today. I have seen what a simple gesture means to people, no matter how big or small. If bigger companies sent birthday cards or notes of acknowledgement to their employees, I think their company’s productivity would increase as well as their staff’s loyalty.  Any type of recognition by an employer is always appreciated. It shouldn’t matter how big or small the company is.

What Should I Write In Employee Happy Birthday Cards?

As the owner of a small greeting card company with slightly less than one hundred employees, I like to acknowledge the birthday of each member of my staff by sending an employee happy birthday card.  As always, after my loyal assistant brings my attention to the date of each employee’s birthday as it comes up, I like to include a personal message from myself inside the card, in which I express my appreciation for their contribution to the success of my company.  My staff deals with our customers with compassion and genuine care.  As a result, profits increase annually, therefore allowing me to give a salary increase and/or bonus to each staff member.

birthday cards

The message I extend is one of gratitude and appreciation, such as “Thank you for your dedicated service,”  …..  “Thank you for your outstanding work” …..   “We strive to give our customers an exceptional product and superior customer service and you have helped deliver on these standards” ….  “I appreciate all the hard work you have done to help make this company what it is”.

This show of appreciation on my part, and, an employee Happy Birthday card to each member of my staff has brought much gratitude from all and, I’m happy to say, the comrade is felt and shared throughout my company.

How To Plan Your Employee Birthday Cards In Advance

Keeping track of your employee birthday cards can be so simple. I have found that by ordering birthday cards for my employees at the beginning of the year, I can obtain the best discounts for the year. The Gallery Collection has a large array of cards that are of high quality paper stock, embossed in an array of foil and colors and large in size. I order the classic seal fast envelopes (self-sealing) which are made with a pearlized lining adding a classy touch to the card and allowing for a quick closure.

Birthday Whimsy Greeting Card

I’ve kept a spreadsheet log of my employees birthdays for many years, listed by months and days, in order not to miss any special dates. Every year, I choose a new design with a different greeting, not to repeat the prior year. I love seeing the faces of my dedicated group of employees, knowing that I have made an impact on their very special day of the year. Ordering a box of cards not only saves time and money, but assures me to remember the people that make me successful. Next time your order cards for your employees, check out the Gallery Collection!


Birthday Cards Offer A Way To Stay Connected To Employees

So many companies have gone global and/or allow so many employees to telecommute that it is often difficult to make everyone feel like they are all part of the same team. People work in different time zones and on very different schedules. Global companies also have different locations celebrating different holidays, so they can’t necessarily wish all of them a happy Thanksgiving on the last Thursday in November! An easy way to ensure you get to wish each and every one of your employees well during the year is to send them each a birthday card. Your employees will know the company is thinking of them and it will help them feel more connected to the company. Also, employees may even appreciate receiving  birthday cards even more than they would appreciate a holiday card, as the birthday card is to celebrate their own personal special day.

Happy Birthday To You

In order to make sure you never miss an employee’s birthday (or a friend or family member’s birthday either!), keeping a box of assorted birthday cards on hand at all times. That way, you will not only always be assured of having cards in stock and won’t have to run out to the card store every other day, but you will also have a varied selection of cards to choose from. Personally selecting a card from a box of assorted birthday cards for each employee makes it even more special, as they won’t all get the same card.

Celebrate Your Shining Stars with Employee Birthday Cards

I was looking at the stars, enjoying the beauty of the night sky. I saw a bright star and wondered what it was called. Then I remembered the star that guided the wise men and I wondered if it was still in the sky, or had it gone as mysteriously as it had appeared? Then I thought do we all have a star appointed to us at birth? There’s so many, maybe we do have our own. At Christmas time people the world over celebrate a birthday, to some, the most important one ever. I feel it’s important to celebrate our own and others uniqueness. Each of us is a beautiful, one of a kind, never to be repeated star! Let your employee’s know you appreciate them with employee birthday cards.

Employee Birthday Cards

I’m sure you will agree each of your employee’s and clients bring something unique to your business. Whether it’s a sunny disposition, fantastic memory, a great sense of humor, they all shine like stars in your sky. Letting them know with company birthday cards is just good business. We all shine and get a twinkle in our eyes when we receive positive recognition. It makes us happy and productive, energizes us and spurs us on to bigger and better accomplishments. And joy is contagious. Maybe that’s what our economy needs a dose of joy, to stimulate it and get it going. So get those cards and let’s turn this thing around. Get your shine on people!