Employee Birthday Cards Help to Acknowledge your Special Day

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Although I don’t look forward to getting older each time my birthday rolls around, I must confess that I look forward to getting birthday cards. I especially like to read what my fellow employees have to say. In my department, many of us are in the same age group (29 and holding if we are all to be believed). Because of this, many of the entries are about age. My fellow office mates try to be “gentle” as they know that when their birthdays roll around, they may be reading some of the same comments. This is all done in good fun, of course, as we don’t want to offend. For a few moments I get to have a good chuckle as I read the little pearls of wisdom that my co-workers have entered.

By sending out employee birthday cards you are sure to brighten the day of your recipients! When I come into work and find a stack of birthday cards on my desk, I know my whole day becomes brighter. I always know that they will be there, because they have been there for the last seven years. I almost forget that with these birthday cards, I am now another year older. I’ve decided that although I can’t do anything about that, I can certainly appreciate that my co-workers have taken the time to acknowledge my day. Oh yeah, and I’m not going there alone!

Design #590AR - Rainbow Ribbons Birthday Card

Design #590AR - Rainbow Ribbons Birthday Card

Design #590AR, Rainbow Ribbons Birthday Card, has curly colorful ribbons on the front. The beautiful pastel colors stand out and make it a perfect choice to convey your message. Because the wording on the front says “Best Wishes,” this card is not limited to a birthday greeting, but can be used for anniversaries or other occasions where you want to send best wishes.

Design #667AT - Birthday Reflections Greeting Card

Design #667AT - Birthday Reflections Greeting Card

Design #667AT, Birthday Reflections Greeting Card, is a buff colored card with a royal blue gift box icon, a cake with candles, and balloons that make the card pop with all things birthday. “Happy Birthday” in the same blue is done in script, just below. This card holds the promise of all the good things that come with birthday greetings.

No matter which card you choose, and whether or not it is being sent to a fellow employee or to a business associate, the recipient will be pleased to know that you took the time to acknowledge their special day.

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