Why You Should Send Thank You Cards

What ever happened to sending someone a Thank You card? Technology evolved and took over every aspect of the manner in which we do things. It has made us lazy and quite insensitive. We no longer write personal notes or sentiments to those we appreciate as a symbol of our gratitude. Instead we shoot them an email or a text that conveys a simple, emotionless message. Sometimes we are too busy to even complete a word that we resort to text slang, SMH (Shaking my Head)! Did we ever stop to think of how impersonal those texts and emails are?

Knowing that someone actually took the time to pick out a nice card, chose the words they wanted to use in describing how grateful they felt towards you can bring about quite a remarkable feeling of importance. Receiving a personal Thank You card always gives you a wonderful conversation piece because it is something you will want to display in your home upon receiving it. One quickly forgets the text or email that simply says thank you, but a card lasts longer than a quick enter on the delete button. Let’s take a moment to reconnect in the manner we used to, send a personal Thank You card.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. In the interest of technology, convenience, and saving time, so many of the niceties and elements of etiquette that once were considered to be the norm have been lost. I believe thank you notes should be written by young and old alike – after receiving gifts celebrating YOU, be they from a special birthday party that was thrown for you, a bridal shower, wedding, or baby shower. I can remember sitting with my kids and helping them make out their thank you cards after EVERY birthday party. And sending a thank you to someone who went out of their way to help you means so much more than a simple thank you text or Facebook post. I fear that all this technology is making us lose sight of the value others play in our lives and is causing us not to connect, all while making us THINK we are so connected!

  2. I agree. It’s just as time consuming to find the right words to add in a card as it is to write an email.I get to save a stamp if I’m using our office mail room to deliver my card here to my guys & gals on staff. I want them to know I appreciate their work on special projects.

  3. When I was in the first grade, Miss Hunt taught us how to write a simple letter. You know- Dear so & so, How are you. I am fine, Sincerely, Sammi
    Have we all forgotten that something written by hand conveys a more personal feeling than a typed memo. Please, let’s start with a Thank You card whenever we need to acknowledge someone’s efforts on our behalf.

  4. If you read the letters to advice columnists you’ll see some from older relatives, complaining that they send gifts and never get a thank you. Should they stop sending gifts? Yes! There’s no excuse for your nephew or granddaughter not to thank you with a card. My kids always send thank you cards when they receive gifts.

  5. And there’s such a nice selection of Thank You cards on this site. We’ve had a slew of compliments on ones we’ve sent.

  6. I agree that there’s something special about receiving a Thank You card. After I’ve spent a few days at my friend’s shore house I always write a note in a thank you card to the family. I’m appreciative for their hospitality every year and want to show it.

  7. Manners never should go out of style. A Thank You card shows your gratitude when you’ve received a gift or a favor. While your kids are watching what you do, they are learning what to do.
    So make it a habit to send Thank You cards.

  8. A thank you card shows extra effort. It is so easy to just shoot out a quick e-mail or text, but when you actually write out a card and send it it shows you went that extra mile.

  9. It means more getting a written card than a quick e-mail. Shows lots of thought was put into the message. Extra effort can go far.

  10. In order to send out these thank you cards, always keep a supply on hand so there is no excuse. Buy several thank you cards in advance along with blank cards with nice photos on the front that can be used for other occasions as well. It is also important to keep a supply of postage stamps on hand so the cards can be mailed out in a timely manner and not left sitting un-mailed somewhere in the house or car!

  11. It is just good etiquette to send out a thank you card! If someone took the time out to help you or do something for you, why not let them know you appreciate it?

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