Two Birthdays and Lots of Birthday Cards

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Business birthday cards are a great way to bring a little bit of sunshine to the recipient. Every year I look forward to receiving the company birthday cards that I know are waiting for me when I come into work. Since I have been with The Gallery Collection, I have gathered eight years worth. I haven’t been able to part with them. I enjoy pulling them out every now and again, still getting a chuckle when I read some of the messages from my friends and colleagues. Now some people are happy to have just one birthday, but I however, have two. How can that be you might ask? Let me explain…

I was born February 10th (the year is not important), or so I was led to believe. I even have my hospital birth certificate to prove it – footprints and all! So imagine my surprise when I went to City Hall to obtain a copy of my legal birth certificate, only to find that I was celebrating the wrong date of birth. The clerk asked me to write down my name, mother and fathers names, and my birth date, which I dutifully did. She went into another room and a little while later, came back with a huge black binder. Not only did she have this big black book in tow, she also had a very stern look on her face. I was only 14 at the time, so I was scared to death. I wasn’t sure what I could have done to warrant that look.

The clerk looked at me with this accusatory look and said that I had written the wrong date. I said, “No, I really was born on February 10th.” “No,” she said, “You were born on February 11th!” She then proceeded to shove the book in front of me and pointed to the birth date. It did indeed read February 11th and below that in what was clearly my mother’s handwriting was her signature. So much for proofreading!

Of course, I went home with my copy of the legal birth certificate and immediately handed it to my mother. My poor Mom was flabbergasted to say the least. From that day forward, I have had to use the 11th as my legal birth date. Mom was having none of that and refused to give me my birthday cards on any other day but the 10th. I used to explain this to anyone that would ask me when my birthday was. Now I just give them my legal birth date and let it go at that. However, when any of my family members ask me which date I plan to celebrate, I always answer with the following – “Both, of course!”

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luckysmom February 18, 2010 at 9:02 am

That is the funniest thing! Coincidentally, my husband seems to have 2 birthdays too. He was born on February 5th (or so we thought). However, when he started receiving his yearly explanation of benefits from Social Security, we noticed that they had his birthday as May 5th (we wondered why his came after his birthday!). His mother swears his birthday is in February and he does have his birth certificate to prove it but maybe I should start celebrating both birthdays just in case since he still has not corrected his birth date with Social Security .

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