588AR – Sparkling Balloon Birthday

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Companies that send business birthday cards to its employees are not only sending birthday wishes, they are promoting good feelings and a sense of belonging. But what type of card should a business select? Funny or serious? Vibrant colors or more subdued? This depends on the group who works there. Keep in mind several factors when selecting company birthday cards to send out. Younger employees might want to receive more festive and spirited cards that say it is time to party and celebrate; whereas older or more conservative workers might want cards that are somewhat sophisticated and don’t scream out that it is their birthday.

Design #588AR, Sparkling Balloon Birthday Card, is a colorful card picturing three balloons tied together with gold foil string and a bow. The colorful middle balloon has a navy blue background with bright red, orange, and purple stars and swirls and reads “Happy Birthday.” This center balloon is surrounded by two others, one glittering orange, the other pink with a galaxy of gold foil-outlined yellow stars encircling the trio of balloons. This is a birthday card that says have fun on your special day and enjoy being another year older!

Design #588AR - Sparkling Balloon Birthday Card

Design #588AR - Sparkling Balloon
Birthday Card

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