A Warm Reception At My New Job With Personalized Birthday Cards

It was my first day back to work at a new company after a long hiatus taking care of my young daughter. I was about to begin a week long training session, and it was also my birthday. I walked into the training room filled with anticipation for this new chapter in my life. I was surprised to find a card placed on top of my employee manual. The card was to welcome me to the company and congratulate me on my birthday! It was personally signed by the managers and executive staff. It put a smile on my face and made me feel at ease. I couldn’t believe that my birthday had been recognized, and on just my first day; on top of that, the executives took the time to hand sign all their personalized birthday cards!

Today, I still have the card proudly displayed at my desk. It is so beautiful with the company’s name and logo in the card. I now do the purchasing for the company, and I make sure that I order the same business birthday cards (from The Gallery Collection) that I received on my first day. That day set the tone for what has turned out to be an exceptional workplace. It’s amazing, but true, that the smallest things can have a big impact.

6 thoughts on “A Warm Reception At My New Job With Personalized Birthday Cards”

  1. That’s very nice of your company. It must have made the transition easier – from a demanding but rewarding job of child rearing to a demanding and hopefully rewarding job outisde of the home. Hopefully this will be the culture at your job for many years to come. Good luck and Welcome back into the work force.

  2. One of my new responsibilities is to order business birthday cards. When this was assigned to me I thought: business birthday cards? What are we in kindergarden? So I started googling the idea of businesses sending birthday cards and have since discovered that this is quite a popular, if not normal thing to do. So now I’m ready to join the trend.

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