Birthday Cards Never Go Out of Style

There is one timeless tradition that both families, friends, and businesses all across the globe share that will never go out of style. That is the giving and receiving of Birthday cards. These cards bring smiles to the faces of family members, friends and coworkers alike, no matter if they are young or old.

Cupcake Treat Birthday Card
Cupcake Treat Birthday Card – Design G1VAY


Both adults and children alike all enjoy reading a thoughtful Happy Birthday card! And what a special treat it is to be able to use that same card for a monetary gift holder as well! Birthday cards are the type of gift that you never have to second guess. Whether it is funny or inspirational, classic or unique, you can never go wrong with sending a card!

The best part of giving these cards is even when you don’t know quite how to wish someone a Happy Birthday, the special sentiments already supplied inside the card do all the work for you!

Why You Should Be Sending Out Personalized Birthday Cards

With technology’s advances and the diversification of methods made easy by the ever-expanding and intricate internet, it’s easier than ever to find something relatable to nearly an niche and yet one thing remains constant—we still order gifts, have them shipped to the delight of the recipient who still has the honor of opening their cherished packages on their birthday while taking note of who was kind enough to have them in their remembrance at their special time of year.  Imagine the dismay that would be created if we sent them a picture of their gift instead?  It could have a cute little note at the bottom of the email or maybe on a social networking site with the caption underneath:  “Enjoy this image of your gift, I enjoyed sending you an example of what it would look like.”  I think if anything, this would be received as a joke at best and an insult at worst.

Personalized Birthday Cards

Seems ridiculous doesn’t it?  That’s how some people feel when they get an e-card as opposed to what they consider the real thing.  Sure, it’s easier to send it that way, faster and certainly less costly but what is the real value earmarked on that?  Not much by the real thing in comparison right? When it’s time to send out that birthday card this time around–keep it real and keep it right.   Send out something that can be remembered for a long time to come.

Why You Should Be Sending Out Personalized Birthday Cards

One day I was feeling very low; everything felt like it was not going right. I was away from my family. My parents were in different state. I was not satisfied with my work life. Due to hectic work life, I was not able to get together with my friends and somewhere deep inside I was feeling frustrated by the same old daily routine of waking up, going to the office, coming back, having dinner and then sleep. As it is rightly said that sometimes it’s better to hold on instead of giving up and mourning, I started my day with the usual stuff like checking my mail box, surfing the net, etc. To my astonishment, when I checked my mail box, I saw an extraordinary envelope sealed with a lovely sticker over it. I was very much surprised when I saw personalized birthday cards from my childhood friend.

Woman Reading Birthday Card

I was totally surprised and very much excited to see my birthday card. That moment I realized,  “Oh, my birthday is in 2 days!” I got very  emotional seeing a birthday card from my best friend with a couple of quotes describing me and our childhood days. I could actually feel the closeness and deep friendship by continuously looking at my birthday card. I forgot all the hectic work life and tensions. It was lovely to have a personalized birthday card from one of my best buddies!

Saving Time And Going Green – Environmentally Friendly Greeting Cards

When choosing my birthday cards this year, I decided to purchase environmentally friendly greeting cards. It’s always nice to play a part in helping the Earth we live on. The cards are still of fabulous quality. There’s nothing lacking, so it just makes sense to do something green. What better way to share my thoughts and wishes to those I care about?

Environmentally Friendly Greeting Cards

Greeting cards always express sincere sentiment. I’ve always enjoyed including a little handwritten note within the cards to add something special. This year, I decided to purchase my cards all at once because I am extremely busy with my job and school activities. It’s difficult to run around to the convenience store on a whim. In order to save myself time and money, I decided to get my own personalized birthday cards. The cards I selected are all recycled paper and show the recipients that I genuinely care about our environment. Inside, I included the family signatures. This is great for us- it’s difficult to get every member of the family to sign cards because we all have very different schedules! Of course I intend on including my little notes within the cards, but the idea of having them pre-signed saves me from scrambling at the last minute!

Environmentally Friendly Greeting Cards for The Green Team

Our town’s Environmental Commission put together a birthday celebration for the Green Team’s President. The Mayor and City Council attended. I only knew the president for a short while and she didn’t smile much. I had just ordered environmentally friendly greeting cards from The Gallery Collection and gave her one. I was thankful I did because after her speech on saving trees she read her birthday cards. The first thing she did before she read the card was flip the card over and look at the back of the card. She got to my card, paused, looked at me, then she smiled and passed my card around to everyone, even the Mayor! She was so impressed that I had given her an exquisite birthday card. Most importantly she was extremely impressed that the cards and envelopes were made out of recycled paper.

Not only were the cards eco-friendly but they were made from renewable energy and manufactured in a paper mill powered by wind-generated, renewable energy. Wind power energy produces zero greenhouse gas emissions, is fully renewable and reduces the need for imported oil. I was the talk of the party! Now she sends everyone eco-friendly personalized birthday cards. There is so much waste that effects our planet and ultimately affects our health. Being part of the Green Team and the Environmental Commission makes me very aware of the negative effects waste has on our planet we call Earth. As I learn more about the environment I realize how much waste is really accumulated, I also realize that the more I do my part in being green the more I can contribute to the future of our planet. I am thankful that there are companies like the Gallery Collection that goes a step forward in preserving our planet.

Sincerely Keeping In Touch With Personalized Birthday Cards

Isn’t the internet great?! How did we ever live without it? And cell phones? And smart phone apps? And tablets? Finding my way through my busy days is so much easier with these wonderful conveniences. And, just think: the younger generation doesn’t even know what life was like without today’s technological tools.

Many of my friends are addicted to Facebook and Twitter, and many other social media sites. They are all so connected, always knowing what’s going on, and with whom, and always keeping everyone else informed of their every activity and thought.

Imagine my surprise when I heard one of them bemoaning his loss of privacy these days.

When I say “heard,” I actually mean that. You see, my friend phoned to say, “Thank you for the personalized birthday cards!” We noted how good it was to hear each other’s actual voice again; it had been so long since we had a live talk with one another!

He’s on Facebook and I’m not, so I was unaware of all that had been going on in his life. He, on the other hand, mistakenly went along assuming that everyone was still connected to him because of Facebook.

He told me he’d gotten a few emails from friends who remembered his birthday, although he couldn’t remember who from. But he was so touched by receiving actual, hold-in-his-hand and display-on-his-shelf birthday cards from me, he felt the urge to call and really catch up with a give-and-take conversation. We spent so much phone time laughing; we set a date to meet for dinner and a good long chat.

Just a little reminder that the internet, while great for gathering information, is not the warmest way to share your real life with the humans you truly care about. And, typing LOL to the world is not the same as the contagion of laughing with each other.

A Warm Reception At My New Job With Personalized Birthday Cards

It was my first day back to work at a new company after a long hiatus taking care of my young daughter. I was about to begin a week long training session, and it was also my birthday. I walked into the training room filled with anticipation for this new chapter in my life. I was surprised to find a card placed on top of my employee manual. The card was to welcome me to the company and congratulate me on my birthday! It was personally signed by the managers and executive staff. It put a smile on my face and made me feel at ease. I couldn’t believe that my birthday had been recognized, and on just my first day; on top of that, the executives took the time to hand sign all their personalized birthday cards!

Today, I still have the card proudly displayed at my desk. It is so beautiful with the company’s name and logo in the card. I now do the purchasing for the company, and I make sure that I order the same business birthday cards (from The Gallery Collection) that I received on my first day. That day set the tone for what has turned out to be an exceptional workplace. It’s amazing, but true, that the smallest things can have a big impact.

Business Birthday Cards – Even If You Hate Your Birthday

I have a niece who loves her birthday. She looks forward to it every year and is very disappointed if we don’t make a big deal about it. On the other hand, I can’t say I ever loved my birthday – and I love it even less so as the years add up. I guess it beats the alternative but I was never one to look forward to my birthday. I don’t like being in the spotlight and I don’t like to receive gifts. At the beginning of every year I check the calendar and hope that my birthday falls on a weekend so that I miss all the hoopla that takes place at work – even though weekend birthdays are celebrated on Friday or Monday so your birthday cannot be avoided. But I have to say I do enjoy the business birthday cards I get from my boss each year. Having worked in the same company for 27 years that adds up to 26 cards and counting. Every year, without fail, when I arrive at work on my actual birthday, or the Friday or Monday before, there is a card for me waiting on my desk.

My boss orders personalized birthday cards at the beginning of each year and he marks his calendar for all upcoming birthdays. Even though we all know we are getting a birthday card it is still a pleasant surprise to see the card waiting for us when we arrive at work. He orders birthday cards – his name and the company name are already printed – but then he adds some personal notes. This is what makes the birthday card so special. He tells us all the nice things he should be telling us all year long instead of just on our birthday. But hey, at least he tells us!

Personalized Birthday Cards For A Feline Super Sweet 16 Celebration

Okay. I admit it. I am crazy! It’s official.

While most people make plans to celebrate a family member’s birthday with personalized birthday cards, a cake, and maybe a celebration or a party, I have gone above and beyond this. It just so happens that one member of my family is celebrating a Sweet 16 Birthday! This has become something of a major celebration since that show on MTV, My Super Sweet 16. This show exemplifies the excesses that people go to…huge parties, entertainment, and at the end of the show the birthday boy or girl is presented with an overly expensive car or SUV.

Besides the fact that I don’t have that kind of money, the difference with my party is that it’s for Spike – my 16 year old cat. I know, I know, he’s a cat. But hey, he’s almost the same age as my daughter and he was a heck of lot easier to potty train.

My party consists of a tablecloth depicting kitty cats wearing party hats, matching plates, assorted birthday cards, and a cake for Spike and his feline guests. The cake is from a website that makes cakes for cats with natural ingredients and ices them with yogurt. The really cool thing is that you send a picture and they reproduce it by painting your pet on the cake with edible paint. We plan on having cupcakes as well…for the humans. The only thing that is missing, and if anyone can help with locating it, (I’d very much appreciate it) – Spike wants his own Hummer. But I guess he’ll have to settle for a catnip stuffed Chevy!

Business Birthday Cards Make Dreams Come True

Birthday cards are great to receive from a family member, close friend or even a co-worker when it’s your special day. Well, businesses have special days too! Did you ever receive business birthday cards? Last November I received a card at home announcing Mickey Mouse’s Birthday Celebration at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. When my daughter saw the card, she immediately thought it was for her and assumed Mickey was celebrating his birthday with hers since they are in the same month.

I did the only thing I could think of. I made reservations for the entire family to spend a few days in Florida to celebrate her birthday. Of course we had to bring special personalized birthday cards that she signed just for Mickey and handed to him at the special character breakfast we had set up in advance. We took so many pictures of Mickey, who was extremely excited to receive his card! He really did make a big ado for her and she just bubbled over with delight. We all had a wonderful time and it made a five-year-olds birthday extremely special. All she talks about now is how she and Mickey had a birthday party together. On the flight home, I thought, “How smart of Disney World to send business birthday cards.” By sending a card, you really can make dreams come true!