What To Write In Your Managers Birthday Cards

Sending or giving someone a birthday card requires some thought or at least I think it should. I like to pick birthday cards that reflect the relationship I have with the person. Some are more light-hearted, others more heart felt and some are more on the professional level.

Birthday Card

I generally don’t find it difficult to pick a card for my co-workers or boss but what to say inside can be more of a challenge particularly when trying to figure out what to write in a the birthday cards I sign and give to the managers at my company.

With those I have a close relationship with, I tend to write something a little warmer like

“Mark, Have a really awesome birthday!” or “Amanda, I hope you have a great birthday, you deserve it!” but that what do you write when you don’t really know someone all that well?

Certainly, a more generic closing is always a safe way to go if you don’t have much of a relationship with that person such as writing something like “Best Wishes to you on your Birthday!” or “Tim, I hope you celebrate your birthday doing all the things you most enjoy”. But let’s face it, safe can be a bit boring.

So what I like to do is personalize it a bit without getting too personal if you know what I mean. Writing a note in your manager’s card can demonstrate you pay attention at the workplace. Think back to something you heard your manager say that he or she enjoys doing. Does your boss like to fish? How about something like “Jerry, I hope you find some time to fit in a little fishing on your special day!” Or acknowledge your hard working boss (yes, your boss is a person too who appreciates being appreciated just like we all do) by writing something like “Danielle, I hope you find a little time to relax and enjoy your Birthday. Have a very Happy Birthday!” You have to be careful you don’t sound like you are just trying to suck up to the boss so I recommend keeping your birthday cards message to your manager positive and subtle.

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  1. I go along with the idea of acknowledging your boss’s efforts by saying “I hope you find a little time to relax and enjoy your Birthday.”

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