Writing for Business Birthday Cards 101


It can be a daunting task to figure out which birthday cards are right for your office. Luckily, The Gallery Collection offers plenty of business appropriate Birthday Cards. Here are some tips to guide you through the process of writing your business birthday cards. Welcome to Business Birthday Cards 101.

When selecting your business birthday cards, be sure to consider both how the cards reflect the business and how your employees will receive your card. Choose a card that suites your business’ appearance by choosing an industry specific card or a card with your company’s colors. Know that various kinds of people will be getting your cards, so choose an all-encompassing design or opt for a Birthday Assortment Box to best tailor to each employee as their own special day approaches.

With The Gallery Collection’s cards, you are able to entirely edit the inside of the card. This can be intimidating to some, but don’t fret. The Gallery Collection offers plenty of classic greetings to choose from. You still have the option to create your own if these do not meet your needs. You could even add your company logo or printed signatures to your cards! This will make your cards look even more professional, not to mention save time for whomever needs to sign them.

9 thoughts on “Writing for Business Birthday Cards 101”

  1. I really love having a Birthday Assortment Box on hand, along with some customized cards too! The Gallery Collection cards are top shelf in quality. You cannot go wrong sending or giving one of these cards out to your employees or sending them to your clients!

  2. Those birthday assortment boxes are great! Since they’re assorted… no employee will receive the same card.

  3. I like using the assortment boxes so everyone in the office for the most part gets a different card.

  4. We’re all a little forgetful at times, so having a whole box of birthday cards at work or at home makes perfect sense.

  5. @ Laura – YES. That dog IS super cute! She looks just like mine, haha. I put my dog on my Christmas cards every year. …Would it be weird to put her on birthday cards, too?

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