Holiday Ribbon and Stars Card

Business Holiday Cards from a Catalog

Looking through the piles of greeting card catalogs I receive for the upcoming holiday season I noticed something unusual. Most of the catalogs are featuring the same card; not a similar card but the exact design. Each catalog has a different company name so I thought maybe an artist was selling their designs over and over. Don’t know the answer but I must say it gets boring to see the same thing; I wanted to find a greeting card company that could come up with unique cards that would make my company look different from the rest.

Holiday Ribbon and Stars Card
Holiday Ribbon and Stars Card – Design H2MCX

My wish was granted when I received a catalog from the Gallery Collection, there were no knock offs, nothing similar to another company’s look; each design was one of a kind and gorgeous. I want my Business holiday cards to represent us as a business with class and style; choosing the right card can do just that. There is nothing worse than send a flimsy card in a cheap looking envelope. I was very pleased with my Gallery Collection card and the customer service was excellent. I would recommend Gallery Collection to anyone that wants quality with distinctive designs focused on business because they know what they are doing.

2 thoughts on “Business Holiday Cards from a Catalog”

  1. Gallery Collection has the biggest choice of cards I’ve seen! Gives me lots of options to send something different and unique each year. Hardest part is finally choosing which card I want.

  2. My favorite part is seeing the new designs that come out each year. I’ve passed my catalog around to friends in other companies because your cards are top notch!

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