Christmas Cards – Something Worth Sending

To send Christmas Cards or not to send Christmas Cards. That is the question. Does it make sense to purchase holiday cards? Does it matter if we send them to our customers? Do we really need the extra expense at this time?

Christmas Cards

Owning a small trucking company has many challenges. In a time when everyone is cutting back on expenses, it seems one is cutting cost wherever one can. This means that companies will give a load to the trucking company that bids the lowest, even if it is only a few dollars difference. It is a fine dance trying to decide how low we can go in our charges, but still make a profit. It’s every man (or trucking company) for themselves. Everything takes careful and meticulous thought and planning.

Because we must plan for each expenditure we make, each year when the holidays approach, we sit down and weigh the pros and cons of sending business Christmas cards. Each year we decide that it is indeed worth the money spent. Because we want to keep our name out there, we decided that it is well worth the small amount spent on each holiday card we purchase and send. We look at it as an investment. A low cost form of advertisement. It is a way to say thank you for considering us. We may not have got your business the last time, but we sure hope to get it the next time.

9 thoughts on “Christmas Cards – Something Worth Sending”

  1. Man I have to tell ya, I have seen some trucks in my day so when I saw the size of those dandelions on the front of the card, I almost had a heart attack. What kind of abnormally large deformed infestations are those? People keep telling me global warming isn’t real and then I see monstrosities like the ones on the card and I question their sanity!

  2. Business Christmas cards are a good way to remind your customers that you are still there. Its a good way for the customer to know their business is appreciated and will contact you the next time they need your type of business.

  3. Sending out business Christmas cards is a wonderful way to notify your co-workers, employees & customers that you appreciate them and are thinking of them during the holiday season!

  4. It is definitely always worth the cost of a card to keep your name fresh on your customer’s mind. If given the choice, I would prefer to give my business to someone who goes above and beyond by acknowledging me during the holidays!

  5. Sending holiday cards to customers should be a no brainer. It is a small amount to pay for the benefits you will receive. People remember who send them cards and are more likely to remain loyal. It’s a gesture that goes a long way.

  6. I’m not sure if I like the idea of Christmas cards as an “investment” when I just like to receive them, period! It’s kinda harsh to me. Then again, I get so many advertisements in the mail at holiday time and that’s so annoying. So when I think about it, a Christmas card from a business I patronize is actually kind of nice and a step up from a loud advertisement.

  7. I really do like getting Christmas cards from a business during the holidays. I realize it acts as both an advertisement for the company as well as a Christmas greeting, but I don’t mind. I understand how important it is for companies to reach out to possible customers.

  8. I don’t care if the a company views sending cards as an investment. I like the fact that they take the time to send Christmas cards and that they send it to me. It’s an acknowledgement of the holiday – one I am very fond of. I prefer to do business with companies that send cards over those that don’t. The fact that it might be cheap advertisement does not take away from the good will.

  9. It always makes me feel very special and appreciated when I receive a Christmas Card from an employer. I appreciate the fact that he/she took the time to see that employees were sent a card. Its not always in the gift. But its the little things sometimes, that means so very much!!

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