Design #528CS – Frosted Wreath Season’s Greetings Card

As the owner of a company that deals in public relations, I am always aware of making sure to treat people fairly when I am trying to get my message across. When it comes each year to sending out business Christmas cards, I try to be especially sensitive not to ruffle anyone’s feathers by sending out the wrong type of holiday cards. That is why I was so happy to receive a sample from The Gallery Collection of design #528CS, Frosted Wreath Season’s Greetings Card.

This holiday card design is published on white, thick matte paper with “Season’s Greetings” printed in a clean-looking, cursive font in a bright, classy-looking silver foil. The wreath – which is raised – contains wonderful detail that can be felt by running one’s fingers over the card itself. In addition, the colors used on the wreath’s details (blue, red, green and silver) are spectacular. Selecting which imprint color to use for the inside of this holiday greeting card will be quite a challenge since all the colors featured on the wreath will look good.

Design #528CS - Frosted Wreath Season's Greetings Card
Design #528CS - Frosted Wreath
Season's Greetings Card

Usually when it comes to selecting a holiday card, I wrack my brain each year because I am an indecisive person when it comes to deciding which holiday greeting to send out. This year, I will have no such problem; thanks to The Gallery Collection and design #528CS, my mind is made up!

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