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No matter how hard I try or early I start, I never seem to get my holiday cards in the mail in time for Christmas. So this year I am giving in to my procrastination and sending out New Year’s Cards! One slight problem- I cannot decide which design to use because I seem to have 5 favorites. And best of all, these designs are all customizable with your own personal information on the front and inside in an array of endless fonts, sizes and colors of text!

Dated Wreath New Year's Card
Dated Wreath New Year’s Card – Design 58WJS

Colorful New Year Holiday Card (A4CJS)- The bright colorful letters on a royal blue background littered with confetti is a fun card to look at. And what is more fun than bringing in a New Year with friends and family?

Dated Wreath New Year’s Card (58WJS)- The numbers 2015 are highlighted with a red and green holiday wreath depicting the zero. Set on a black background, this card looks very classy for bringing in the New Year in style and still alludes to the holiday season with the colorful wreath.

Bubbly Holiday Card (A3PJS)- The 4 fluted champagne glasses each contain a numeral for 2015. The cocktails look deliciously whimsical filled with intriguing drinks set against a polka dot night sky. Get together with 4 friends and enjoy!

Cheers to You Holiday Card (A3ZJS)- The yellow, blue and red polka dots on a white background bring back fond memories of early childhood. These colors remind me of my favorite doughy white Wonder Bread -when whole grains, flax seed and fiber were not important. Life and food choices were so simple in those good old days…

Prosperous New Year’s Card (A1AJS)- Watching the year 2014 slowly roll over to 2015 on this design is reminiscent of watching the second hand on the clock slowly tick off the last 30 seconds before midnight or watching the ball slowly drop in Times Square.

6 thoughts on “Greeting Card Highlight – New Year’s Cards”

  1. Never thought of sending New Years cards, I suppose they would be displayed longer than Christmas or Thanksgiving cards and they are different-I may try the next time I am delayed when December flys by

  2. I really like the dated wreath New Year’s card – I like how it alludes to the holidays as well!

  3. I like sending New Years cards because I don’t have to worry if I get them out late! And it is something different than most people send.

  4. What a great solution for all of us that procrastinate! I love the selection of cards your company has.

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