Why You Should Purchase New Year’s Cards

New Year, New You! Chances are you’ve probably heard this phrase uttered countless times throughout every month of January.  Often, it’s said in reference to improving oneself whether through increasing your physical activity, learning a skill, becoming a better friend or family member, etc.  It certainly is a worthwhile notion and one that should be taken seriously.  The turning of the calendar to a new year marks the passage of time, which serves to highlight the fact that time is finite.  Changes can’t be put off forever, and a new year can be the spark that ignites action.  Despite the positivity of this exercise, not everyone is quick to embrace the idea even though it truly is a benefit to us all.  For some, another year must feel like another chance to be disappointed, sad, or just another opportunity for more of the same unfulfilling ventures as last year.  It is these people who can use a little encouragement or a little push to open their eyes to the possibility that something better can be attained and that stagnation is not a guarantee.  This is a great reason why you should purchase New Year’s cards.

            New Year’s cards are by nature optimistic affairs.  It’s quite difficult to receive a New Year’s card and ignore its message of opportunity.  Sending a New Year’s card, especially to those who really need one, is a simple but resonant way to both wish happiness to others while at the same time prodding them to achieve more of that contentment for themselves.  That’s a pretty powerful duo, right?

Tips For Sending Your Holiday Cards

Sending out holiday cards is like sending a, “Hello, we care about you!”  Your customers, employees, family and friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Who doesn’t get excited when they see an envelope in their mailbox?

My first tip is to select a greeting that fits your personality.  Sending wishes for a Merry Christmas has been a longtime debate as you do not want to offend anyone.  I say still send the spirit of the holidays but keep it more generic in the formal imprint such as Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings.  Then you can make it personal but adding a handwritten Merry Christmas or other personal note depending on the recipient.

The next tip I will give you is to send your holiday cards on time.  Do not be that person that mails out their Christmas cards on December 26.  Then what started out as a warm gesture, turns into what will seem like a last minute token.  If for some reason you fell behind, skip the Christmas card and send a Happy New Year card.  These can be sent as late as January 15.

Lastly, be sure to put your return address on the envelope.  This is helpful in many ways.  What if the recipient wants to return the gesture but doesn’t have your address?  If someone is no longer at the address you mailed their holiday card to or you made an error in addressing the envelope and you added your return address, you will get the card back and resend it to the correct address. Have a Happy Holiday!

Ring in The New Year With Greeting Cards!

What better way to celebrate another year with friends, family, coworkers, and clients than with a New Year’s card! No matter the distance, this new tradition could be a way to keep close to the ones you care about most. The Gallery Collection offers a multitude of New Year’s themed cards — some even combining the Holidays with the coming New Year. Also, keep in mind that you could opt to send one of our Calendar Cards instead for a similar effect.

New Year’s cards are a fabulous way to keep in touch, guaranteed to make the people you care about most smile. This time of year people are often resolving to try something new. Who knows, one of their resolutions could be to better keep in contact with family and friends! Sending a card shows you genuinely care, even after the Holiday-Hubbub.

The following are a couple of customer favorites:

Peace and Prosperity Holiday Card (Design# 1023742): This card is bright, colorful, and has an editable cover! This card is all about the new year ahead with words wishing recipients the very best.

Prism New Year Card (Design# 302485). This card is a timeless New Year’s card. It’s bright, reminiscent of fireworks, and has foil accents!

New Year’s Cards – March to Your Own Tune

“Dare to be different”. This is the motto I try to live by.  Sure being conventional has its pluses but doing the expected tends to make a person blend in with the rest.  I want to be remembered by my quirkiness and somewhat exotic take on life.  This year I am making a statement by sending my customers, friends, and relatives New Year’s cards.  Marching to my own tune is the way I want to live my life.

I found a creative way to make a lasting impression is to celebrate New Years by mailing cards to all the people in my life.  New Year’s cards are so exciting and fun to share with others.  Most companies and individuals send out Thanksgiving or Christmas cards between the beginning of November and December 15.  People receive these cards excitedly and they get put in a pile of similar other cards.  Sadly, they are soon forgotten.  My New Year’s card will arrive right after the Christmas rush with wishes of a prosperous, healthy, and successful New Year.  They will be ornamented with glasses of the bubbly and blowing, colorful confetti.  These are sure to bring a smile.

Marching to my own tune is made easy with the ability to send New Year’s cards to everyone on my list.  Not only do I show my unique style, but I am remembered for my thoughtful touch after the crazy Thanksgiving and Holiday season.

Sending New Year’s Cards Makes Your Business Unique

Sending holiday cards pronouncing “Merry Christmas” or “Season’s Greetings” has become the norm for most businesses.  It is important to create a relationship with clients or customers by remembering them during the crazy holiday season and making them feel a special warmth.  But why not take the opportunity to be a more original and really stand out from the crowd? Sending New Year’s Cards will definitely make your business unique.

Your company can take a break from the tradition by sending New Year’s Cards wishing people the hope for a healthy and prosperous New Year.  These cards can be mailed out any time before January 15 which means that they will not have necessarily be received with the tons of other cards companies are mailing.  This will allow your company the unique advantage of standing out.  Another plus to mailing New Year’s Cards is that no matter what the recipient’s faith, this card will be appreciated.  You will not take the chance of offending anyone.

Sending New Year’s Cards can make your company unique because you will not just be another holiday card.  Your card will not display the typical snowman, tree, etc. but will instead, have a fun lighthearted theme sure to be remembered.  It will ease the hustle and bustle of the season because you can mail them after the rush.  Don’t let your business greeting be lost in the shuffle!  Have your New Year’s themed cards delivered after the rush.

Why You Should Send New Year’s Cards

A relatively new concept – New Year’s Cards. There are many excellent reasons to consider sending your business associates, clients, customers or even your friends and loved ones a New Years Card rather than the traditional Holiday card.

Most people find themselves struggling with too many things to do around the December Holidays. We are baking, buying, decorating, wrapping, winding up the year’s goals, working in a holiday oriented job; put all or some of this together equals stress and lack of time.

Now think about the days after the Holiday. The work is slowing down, the holidays are behind us, dinners and baked goods are eaten, gifts are opened and we are relaxing and thinking about the year to come. Now we can consider a thoughtful phrase or perhaps we have a great Holiday gathering picture of the team or family that can be sent out to some lucky recipients.

What better way to start someone’s New Year than to send them well wishes for it. You can always extend the greeting to reflect on hoping that their Holidays were joyous and that the New Year continues to bring them Health, Happiness and Prosperity. It’s a choice and a good one! By sending New Year’s Cards, you are relieved of one holiday task but still accomplish the goal of reaching out to others with good wishes and acknowledgement of your appreciation that they are in your life in some way.

New Year’s Cards – When You Want To Stand Out From The Holiday Crowd

New Year’s Cards are one of the most underrated cards in the market.  This is mainly because Christmas (and Chanukah during certain years), fall just 1-2 weeks before New Year’s Eve. You also have other holidays that fall within this time frame.  The New Year is a perfect time for many people to have a fresh start.  This could include their job, their diet, or their overall lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with spreading a positive message to your co-workers, clients, or loved ones to start off the New Year right!

New Year’s cards could be nice recognition for your employees, and a nice touch to start off a brand new year.  It is thoughtful, but also a unique option when compared to Christmas or Chanukah cards.  Saying “Happy New Year” is very universal and they can be perfect for folks who may not celebrate December holidays as heavily as others. There is also no reason why you can’t give a New Year’s card in addition to another holiday card. Going back to work can be stressful for some after a long holiday break, so why not cheer up your employees with a nice New Year’s greeting card?

Greeting Card Highlight – New Year’s Cards

No matter how hard I try or early I start, I never seem to get my holiday cards in the mail in time for Christmas. So this year I am giving in to my procrastination and sending out New Year’s Cards! One slight problem- I cannot decide which design to use because I seem to have 5 favorites. And best of all, these designs are all customizable with your own personal information on the front and inside in an array of endless fonts, sizes and colors of text!

Dated Wreath New Year's Card
Dated Wreath New Year’s Card – Design 58WJS

Colorful New Year Holiday Card (A4CJS)- The bright colorful letters on a royal blue background littered with confetti is a fun card to look at. And what is more fun than bringing in a New Year with friends and family?

Dated Wreath New Year’s Card (58WJS)- The numbers 2015 are highlighted with a red and green holiday wreath depicting the zero. Set on a black background, this card looks very classy for bringing in the New Year in style and still alludes to the holiday season with the colorful wreath.

Bubbly Holiday Card (A3PJS)- The 4 fluted champagne glasses each contain a numeral for 2015. The cocktails look deliciously whimsical filled with intriguing drinks set against a polka dot night sky. Get together with 4 friends and enjoy!

Cheers to You Holiday Card (A3ZJS)- The yellow, blue and red polka dots on a white background bring back fond memories of early childhood. These colors remind me of my favorite doughy white Wonder Bread -when whole grains, flax seed and fiber were not important. Life and food choices were so simple in those good old days…

Prosperous New Year’s Card (A1AJS)- Watching the year 2014 slowly roll over to 2015 on this design is reminiscent of watching the second hand on the clock slowly tick off the last 30 seconds before midnight or watching the ball slowly drop in Times Square.