Why You Should Have a Religious Card Assortment Box

I wanted to let everyone know how wonderful it is to finally see Religious card Assortment Boxes from the Gallery Collection. I believe that Christmas is a Religious Holiday, and that it should be a time to think of family and friends, and to let them know that you care about them. I have used boxed cards in the past, but they have never been as lovely as the ones from the Gallery Collection. The ones I used to buy were printed on a very flimsy paper. And the greetings were okay, but not great. And I want a Christmas card to reflect how I feel about the Holiday. I want to show that I put time and effort into sending someone a Christmas card.

The assortment box I chose from the Gallery Collection had several different designs on the front and the greetings were perfect. Not to mention the quality of paper they use. It was made with good stock paper. (The wonderful rep who helped me place my order told me that.)  I cannot wait to mail them out.  My family and friends will be so impressed and I know that they will ask me where I got them from. I will be ordering the other Religious Assortment Box next year, as well as my All Occasion cards Assortment Box.

6 thoughts on “Why You Should Have a Religious Card Assortment Box”

  1. I think having a religious holiday box is a wonderful idea. Although Christmas is a religious holiday some people do not celebrate Christmas and it would be a wonderful idea to have a religious card that can connect with everybody. I would still keep Christmas cards as well due to the fact some people are not religious either. To have such an abundant assortment there would be no way you can go wrong.

  2. Your post prompted me to consider this question. Are the religious cards (assortment or personalized) only pertaining to Christmas, and limited to a certain religion? Or in hopes, that if not a current idea but a future one, that the Gallery Collection will start making religious card for other religions. For example, Hanukah cards would be a nice addition to their ever growing quality cards line up.

  3. I agree with the above poster, I hope that the religious assortment box has more than just religious Christmas cards. My husband’s side of the family is Jewish, I have many Jewish friends, and I’m also friends with a family that celebrates Kwanzaa. I’m sure they would greatly appreciate receiving a holiday card that reflects their religious beliefs as well. The holiday season is not only about Christmas!

  4. I think the holidays have changed over time, I think with some many mixed families its hard to pick the right religious card.

  5. The religious box is great for my huge family and it has as many as I need for family alone. I have never had the religious box, but I really do want to get one for next year. My sister works for a Villa for retired nuns and I know she too would love this box. The art work of the stained glass cards is exquisite and really impressed me when I saw them on gallerycollection.com.

  6. I ordered the religious box this year for the first time. They are gorgeous cards. I ended up sending almost all of them out and now I’m going to need to order a second box to have ready for this year. Gallery Collection cards never disappoint!

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