Grab Bag Gift Ideas for the Office Holiday Party

Are you worried about being a part of the office holiday party because the buying of a miscellaneous gift for a mysterious person is daunting?  Well, time to be creative.  Buying a grab bag gift for the office holiday party can be fun.  Make the most of it and be creative.  I know it is easy to just run out a wrap a gift card up, but anyone can do that.  Gift cards are great but presents are even better.  The excitement of opening an odd shaped item or a crazy wrapped box is part of the fun.

Don’t know the sex, age, marital status or interest of the person?  Not a problem!  Here are some great gift ideas that almost anyone could appreciate but would not spend the money on themselves.

•    Scrabble anyone?  A board game is something all can enjoy.  They can bring the family together to make up for all time the dedicated employee spends at work.
•    Puzzles/Books?  Enough with the family time. Give a book or puzzle so your coworker has a mental escape from life.
•    Give a night out.  These are things we seldom splurge on for ourselves.  Give the gift of movie or play tickets along with a dinner gift certificate.
•    Another great idea:  Gift baskets.  Get a decorative basket and fill it with goodies such as popcorn, chocolate, chips, candy….
•    Wine anyone?  How about the monthly programs out there where a person will receive a different wine, dessert, lobster, or steak every month?  This is a gift that keeps on giving.
•    The cold weather is now approaching so why not give gifts for the car?  An emergency kit, a funky ice scrapper, snow brush, etc. will definitely be appreciated on those difficult mornings.

Don’t be afraid to dive right in and give the grab bag gift that the entire office is talking about.  It is easy and fun to be part of the company grab bag.  Have a happy holiday by giving a gift anyone would appreciate.

10 thoughts on “Grab Bag Gift Ideas for the Office Holiday Party”

  1. I think office grab bags are fun but I try not to get involved. I remember one grab bag the girl I had not only gave me the cheapest gift I have ever encountered but it was ugly and in poor taste. I couldn’t help but show the disappointment on my face and took the gift back. Not only was I a little upset but I was more mad when I found out the amount she paid was not the amount she told me. I vowed after that I would never do another office grab bag. I am very picky on the items that I like and I know with a grab bag you not supposed to let the person know. so I choose not to get involved in one.

  2. I don’t think alcohol is a good idea, but a night out is good. Or give out a collection box of cards — I would LOVE that.

  3. To piggy back on a previous comment, you can never go wrong with giving out an assortment box of cards! Its a known fact, most people like if not love, receiving a box of cards as a present. Think, its a chance to give someone a year worth of cards, considering store bought cards are fairly expensive. I think another good idea for a grab bag gift would be a box or a basket of lottery scratch off tickets. Its a gift that is exciting and yet daunting at the same time. Pretty much, you can give a person a chance at winning a lot of money.

  4. Gift baskets are my go-to grab-bag present! It adds a personal touch people love, and they always appreciate the effort one puts into it!

  5. I like a good baking kit. During the holidays, I tend to bake. Something new or different would be great.

  6. Best way to go about it, go to Target, and go in the dollar isle they have right in the entrance, then just go nuts. Even adults enjoy getting kid stuff!

  7. Thanks for the gift ideas, I always usually go with a gift card but I think I will try some of these ideas because gift cards are not really exciting, it’s like you didn’t put any effort into it.

  8. Gift cards can be good sometimes, but you have to know that someone loves to go to that specific store. Otherwise, let’s try some creativity.

  9. One word, 5 below . They have awesome gift ideas for low prices . Nice, trendy , useful gift ideas you can mix and match . Cant beat that . Perfect for office grab bags.

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