Business Sympathy Cards that Express Empathy

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Condolences are sometimes difficult to express in words when a person is grieving heavily over a loved one. Business sympathy cards can display your kindness with thoughtful consideration of both your relationship to the bereaved and their delicate emotional state. I feel if genuine flowers might be excessive for someone you aren’t personally close with design #087AY, Lily Sympathy Card, is adequate tribute to show you still empathize with them. A solitary and enduring lily with its peaceful green stem and soft-white trumpet is set upon muted gradations of sage and umber. The first two words in the greeting, “With Deepest Sympathy,” are set in off-white lettering over muted brown and the last word, a soothing metallic aqua script placed atop of the trailing brown gradation.

Design #087AY Lily Sympathy Card

Design #087AY Lily Sympathy Card

Though not as lively in color as Lily Sympathy design #100AY, Peaceful Sympathy Card, has the same tonality of neutral hues throughout. Worded exactly as its sister card, the greeting is a shining light of metallic gold script placed over a matte tan base with displays of cream and off-white. A small but somber arrangement of foliage ranging from solid to semi-transparent also adorns the card.

Design #100AY Peaceful Sympathy Card

Design #100AY Peaceful Sympathy Card

You can customize the imprint of your sympathy cards order with one of four appropriate greetings. The most comforting greeting to me is, “Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you during this difficult time.” The subtle earth tones with the floral and foliage themes lend themselves to make both of these sympathy cards befitting for any business leader trying to remind a grieving associate that life, with its fragile beauty, is always around us and it will always spring anew.

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