Design #140CX – Christmas Chapel Holiday Card

The Gallery Collection recently introduced a lovely religious Christmas cards design that evokes that spiritual sense of peace. Design #140CX, Christmas Chapel Holiday Card, depicts an embossed country church highlighted by touches of gold foil. The peaceful serenity is enhanced by majestic trees in their winter splendor scattered behind the chapel among the fields of snow. Closely surrounding the chapel are several smaller pine trees that highlight the quiet welcome to worship. The Northern Star has prominence above the steeple on this Christmas card to emphasis the meaning of Christmas by appearing as the Star of Bethlehem did in the first Christmas.

This religious Christmas card evokes a feeling of nostalgia and peace. The sentiment “In the Spirit of Peace” creates an image of simple celebrations of Christmases past before commercialism took hold of this religious holiday. The feeling that you can worship amidst simple surroundings and truly feel the splendor of Christmas is something that I feel like sharing with all my family and friends. I say let’s spread some serenity in this tumultuous time.

Design #140CX Christmas Chapel Holiday Card
Design #140CX Christmas Chapel Holiday Card

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