Design #184AY – Garden Bouquet Get Well Card

One way to take the sting out of an illness is to receive get well cards. I’m sure that most of us when signing employee get well cards don’t necessarily think of the impact they’ll have on the recipient. This little act of kindness, however, can bring such joy. When I was out of work recovering from knee surgery I was feeling a little sorry for myself. After receiving several get well cards from my co-workers, family, and friends my spirits were uplifted. I still had to go through the recovery period, but somehow, reading these cards made me feel better.

Design #184AY, Garden Bouquet Get Well Card, is just the kind of card to do the trick. This greeting card features a wonderful gold accented watering can filled with a beautiful bouquet of flowers embossed on buff colored card stock. Sprouting up from the can are purple, red, and yellow flowers that are nestled with green leaves. A gold “Get Well” sentiment is displayed on either side of the watering can, accented by a delicate sprig of green leaves.

Design #184AY - Garden Bouquet Get Well Card
Design #184AY - Garden Bouquet
Get Well Card

No matter what the reason is for sending a get well card, your recipient is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness. Now go ahead and buy a “garden bouquet” (or one of the other designs offered) and mail them out to fellow co-workers, friends, and family you know who could use some cheering up! Spreading get well wishes will certainly make their day!

4 thoughts on “Design #184AY – Garden Bouquet Get Well Card”

  1. What a pretty design! I love the detail of the flowers and the watering can! I would be very pleased to receive this card if I were ill.

  2. I’ve been ill for an extended period of time and get well cards made my day. Not just opening them when they initially arrived, but looking at them everyday as a remainder that there are friends and colleagues cheering me on in my struggle to be restored to full health.

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