Company Birthday Cards and Their Impact

When I first started my business I didn’t send out company birthday cards to my clients or my employees. That all changed the day I received one from my doctor. Although the card was a few days early and very simple, it put a genuine smile on my face. The card reminded me of the wonderful care I receive and all of the amusing moments that have occurred at his office because of the great attitude that he and his employees have.

Realizing the impact that this card had on me, I decided to invest the time and money to make sure that each of my clients and employees received a birthday card. I wanted my clients to know that I value their loyalty. I also wanted them to understand that we care about their happiness and our relationship. A few weeks after I started sending the cards I received a call from one of my clients. She wasn’t calling to place an order, but instead it was to thank me for the card. At that moment I knew I had made the right choice in initiating this tradition. Since then, I have received several calls from clients just to express gratitude for remembering the one day that is theirs.

The snowball effect that the employee birthday cards had on the workplace environment was amazing. Employees started to actually do things for each other’s birthdays and everyone always seemed to be in good spirits for those special days. Usually it would be something small such as cutting a birthday cake during lunch or making plans to celebrate after work. Currently the team mentality is the strongest it has ever been and I have no doubt in my mind that this is all due to taking the time to remember each of our employee’s birthdays.

4 thoughts on “Company Birthday Cards and Their Impact”

  1. It’s amazing what a simple card can do! It’s just a great gesture with quite a small price to pay for a such a positive impact.

  2. It great that the birthday cards had such a positive impact. Work is not always fun however its great when you come to work and its a positive atmosphere.

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