Business Thanksgiving Cards for More Than Just the Holidays

The use of business greeting cards in the workplace has become increasingly popular and they are used throughout the year.  The ways to use greeting cards in the business environment are numerous and can often require a little creativity. Birthday cards are not only sent to employees as a way to wish them a Happy Birthday but can also be used to recognize an achievement.  Thank you cards can be sent to employees to thank them for a job well done or can be sent to business associates to thank them for their business.  Anniversary cards can be sent to employees to congratulate them on their association with your company. Get Well cards can be sent to employees or clients at times of illness to express your speedy recovery wishes.  Expressions of sympathy can be conveyed with Sympathy cards. And of course, Christmas cards can be sent to clients and customers extending your best holiday wishes.

What about Thanksgiving?  This occasion is a great time to send business Thanksgiving cards to employees, business associates, clients and potential new customers. As the holiday season approaches, the thought of sending cards becomes foremost in everyone’s mind.  Sending business Thanksgiving cards provides an opportunity to thank your current customers and business associates for your continued association at a time of the year specifically dedicated to giving “Thanks”. When sent to employees, it can reinforce a sense of goodwill between the employer and employee.  Sending Thanksgiving cards to new businesses offers the opportunity to promote your business in order to potentially gain new customers.  Thanksgiving cards can provide a vehicle to offer an incentive or premium – especially appreciated as the holiday season approaches. What better time to convey your expressions of sincere gratitude than at the beginning of the holiday season?  Your thanks and appreciation will surely stand out and impress your recipients.

16 thoughts on “Business Thanksgiving Cards for More Than Just the Holidays”

  1. In this e-commerce environment, as people seem more disconnected than ever, sending actual, physical greeting cards is a great way to connect to your customers, clients, employees, vendors and various business associates. It is a move in the right direction to re-humanize civilization before we forget how to connect to one another.

  2. I somewhat agree with Leonora. Sending a physical card is a great way to connect with customers and various business associates. Rehumanize …… I think techonolgy has help people stay connected more and more each day.

  3. Connecting with your customers is always a good idea. No matter how advance we get with technology.

  4. Actually I see technology has caused a huge disconnect. I can’t tell you the last time my nieces and nephews picked upa phone to call me. They either text or email. I don’t think they know how to write a handwritten letter. They have hundreds of friends on facebook but do they ever hang out and go places? No they are all on their computers thinking they are really connecting with friends. I like receiving and sending old fashioned old school greeting cards – and Thanksgiving cards a re a brilliant idea.

  5. Greeting cards make an impact. I have various clients I work with who will send a quick e-greeting, but when I receive an actual card in the mail I take the time to look at it – and it is something you can save. It certainly beats getting a text or message on facebook!

  6. I’ve noticed in the past few years that I ahve been receiving more and more corporate greeting cards around the holidays. In a world full of facebook and texting and e-mails it makes a real impact to get an actual piece of mail from a company.

  7. I think there isn’t a more appropriate time to specially thank others, ie: customers, employees, associates, what have you, than Thanksgiving. The name says it all. And, it makes the receivers feel appreciated that they are acknowledged.

  8. Thanksgiving cards are also great to send because Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday. There is less danger of insulting someone for sending a card for the “wrong” holiday. Giving thanks is appreciated universally amongst all religions!

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