Design #577CW – Thanksgiving Glow Greeting Card

In design #577CW, Thanksgiving Glow Greeting Card, Sunlight glistening on the dewy leaves lends a sparkle to the crisp autumn air. I love the way the bright dew drops contrast against the welcoming sun and warm brown tree and border. A stroll in the park after a big Thanksgiving dinner is just the ticket for a perfect ending to the festivities. I am also amazed at the way the dark and light are played against each other. What one might envision as a somber color is transformed into dignified accompaniment to the glorious burst of color portrayed in the sparkling leaves and sun filled earth beneath them.

Design #577CW - Thanksgiving Glow Greeting Card
Design #577CW - Thanksgiving Glow Greeting Card

This business Thanksgiving card is a perfect messenger to remind everyone that Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the gifts our earth has bestowed upon us.

2 thoughts on “Design #577CW – Thanksgiving Glow Greeting Card”

  1. This card is beautiful but what I like best about sending Thanksgiving cards is that you beat the Christmas rush. Most businesses send Christmas cards. By sending a Thanksgiving card you get your message of Thanks (and your name) out there before everyone else. Very clever.

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