Thanksgiving Cards Help to Celebrate our Freedom

Thanksgiving cards are a lot like Independence Day flags – joyful means of celebrating and sharing an All-American holiday! On the Fourth of July, we rejoice in our freedom to hold opposing political viewpoints while living together in relative peace. On Thanksgiving, we join in gratitude for the many blessings we Americans enjoy, regardless of (and perhaps because of) our differing ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs.

While both holidays are usually occasions for festive parades and the eating of traditional foods, July 4th tends to take people outside of their homes to picnics and fireworks displays, where we share in a collective camaraderie. Thanksgiving Day, however, tends to find us gathered inside of homes, a bit more insulated from our fellow countrymen. Sending business greeting cards at Thanksgiving provides a warm and personal way of reaching out to clients and colleagues, a way to say, “I’m happy to be here and grateful that you’re here with me.”

For business associates, we can pause to share our gratitude for the freedom that allows us to make a living and to preserve our way of life. Making this gesture by sending business holiday greeting cards at Thanksgiving is truly appropriate and your message is received at a time when your recipients may be more inclined to notice and reflect upon your cooperative relationship with them. We may not be out on the street, waving a flag, but we can be in the offices and homes of our business associates and friends, extending a celebratory hand in gratitude and mutual thanks.

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Cards Help to Celebrate our Freedom”

  1. I never thought of Thanksgiving as a patriotic holiday that should be celebrated. What a good idea to send Thanksgiving cards. It is also a great way to get your name out there before the Holiday rush.

  2. Same here Elena. I guess it’s been such a long time since I was in school (did I just say that?) that I forgot the origin of the holiday. You hear about being thankful for your family and friends and forget that what we are supposed to be celebrating is our gratitude for this great country of ours and the freedoms we enjoy (and sometimes take for granted). You always hear about people sending holiday cards to our troops but it makes even more sense to send them Thanksgiving cards since they are the reason we are still able to celebrate this holiday.

  3. The first Thanksgiving was a meal shared between the Pilgrims and Indians to celebrate the first harvest that was the result of a joint effort. They were giving thanks to God. Thanks for the new land, new religious freedoms and new friends. To me it’s less an American Holiday than a celebration of people working together and giving thanks to God together.

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