Gallery Collection Charitable Donations – Canines for Disabled Kids

The Gallery Collection is proud to announce a 4,000 holiday card donation to Canines for Disabled Kids. CDK is an education/advocacy group that educates the public about assistance dogs, and assists families in determining if a service dog is the right tool for their child.

Canines for Disabled Kids
Jozsi, the resident demonstration service dog for CDK, loves The Gallery Collection holiday cards!

CDK helps families select the best training program to serve their child’s needs, as well as assist with the application process. Canines for Disabled Kids also provide scholarships to offset the cost of dogs for children 18 and under, as well as advocacy work for all working service dog teams. They are often seen in schools or at civic groups educating interested parties about service dogs, how they are trained, and the multitude of ways they can help mitigate disabilities.

As a non-fee for service program that works nationwide, the 4,000 holiday card donation from The Gallery Collection will allow Canines for Disabled Kids to send warm holiday greetings and thanks to all of their supporters.

If you are interested in learning more about Canines for Disabled Kids, and other ways that you can help, you can visit their website at:

5 thoughts on “Gallery Collection Charitable Donations – Canines for Disabled Kids”

  1. What a great program. Kudos to The Gallery Collection for donating their cards to support such a great cause. I support any company that is willing to help others.

  2. It is so nice to see a company help this cause. It pleases me to say I order my cards from the Gallery Collection.

  3. This is a great cause. I’m sure that card made the receipent day for sure – between the beautiful card and adorable puppy!

  4. CDK is a remarkable organization and deserves all the support it can get. Congrats Gallery Collection for your contribution.

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