Operation Gratitude – One Millionth Care Package Celebration Pictures

Operation Gratitude celebrated their historic One Millionth Care Package on Saturday, December 7, and The Gallery Collection is very proud to have played a part. In total, 7,500 cards were donated for the celebration which you can view here.

The Gallery Collection donated 5,000 collectible greeting cards to be given to the volunteers and everyone that helped make the one millionth care package a reality. These cards were then given a commemorative stamp and cancellation. Check out the below gallery to see the attendees getting their cards stamped.

We also donated 2,500 specially designed greeting cards to be signed and sent to the troops as a Thank You for their service. The below gallery includes some photographs of attendees writing their personalized thank you’s that went out to the troops.

It was such an honor and a privilege for us to be a part of this historic event.  We again want to thank everyone at Operation Gratitude for the amazing service they provide and congratulate them on this amazing accomplishment!



4 thoughts on “Operation Gratitude – One Millionth Care Package Celebration Pictures”

  1. I was watching a TV show where a young man in the service was so grateful to recieve a package from his fiancee, stating that many GI’s never get mail. I was a bit surprized that such a thing could happen! I, for one, am at fault but since reading about your generousity I will look into getting involved with Operation Gratitude-thank you

  2. Operation Gratitude is a remarkable organization and The Gallery Collection is to be commended for their participation in this “giving” program.

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