Creating Custom Christmas Cards – Holiday Toy Shoppe

The holiday cards that we offer at the Gallery Collection are more than just cards…they are works of art. Each piece of art goes through a creative process from design to actual custom Christmas cards. These cards are some of the finest, high quality cards available. Below highlights the creative process for the very popular Design 157CW, Holiday Toy Shoppe Christmas Card. We’ll show you how this card went from an original design to a beautiful masterpiece.

The original sketch for Holiday Toy Shoppe is a black and white line drawing of what will eventually become a playful, vibrant, colorful card that brings back fond childhood memories of the holiday toy store.

Design 157CW - Holiday Toy Shoppe Christmas Card Original Sketch

The artwork appears framed here, showcasing what the final design may look like after production, encased in a lovely border with a joyful holiday sentiment.

Design 157CW - Holiday Toy Shoppe Christmas Card Stage 2

Design 157CW - Holiday Toy Shoppe Christmas Card Final

And here is Design 157CW, Holiday Toy Shoppe Christmas Card in the complete and final form. The black and white line sketch has made it’s transformation into a colorful winter wonderland, complete with border and holiday wishes. The Creative Team at the Gallery Collection is responsible for this holiday magic, making sure that all of the artwork we use for our personalized Christmas cards is made to be beautiful enough to hang on your wall.

7 thoughts on “Creating Custom Christmas Cards – Holiday Toy Shoppe”

  1. The creative card design team gets a big “hooray” from me. The process reminds me of first seeing a “diamond in the rough” and finally seeing the beautiful finished product. It truly is magical.

  2. Very cool to see how this Christmas card evolved from a simple drawing to such a gorgeous finished product. It looks like it can go in a frame and be hung on your wall as Christmas decoration. Beautiful!

  3. The holiday cards are all so beautiful and I loved seeing the process behind the final product. I’m glad you opted to show design 157CW as it was one of my favorites when choosing the cards I ordered. The toy shoppe is something different from the norm and makes for such a pretty card.

  4. I am so appreciative for all the artists at The Gallery Collection. You make me look so good every year when I send out one of your beautifully illustrated holiday cards 🙂

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