You’ve Got Birthday Cards

Another year has gone by and your birthday is approaching. It could be a milestone year or just another year. You might be thinking that no one will remember you and then the U.S. Postal service makes a delivery. To your surprise your chiropractor; the chiropractor that was referred to you by your neighbor, sent you a birthday card.  These small surprises in life can bring a lot of joy. How thoughtful it is to get birthday cards from someone other than your mother.

Personalized greeting cards are a wonderful gift to give. It might be a small token from a business owner, but it certainly leaves a lasting impression to their clients. It could be your dentist, accountant, lawyer or financial advisor. It is a way of staying in touch with clients who will remember you when they are in need of a special service. To operate a small business isn’t easy these days; to stand out amongst the competition is an important part of your success. Sending personalized birthday cards adds a special touch that is appreciated by all.

Corporations who remember their employee’s birthdays by sending a card also let their workers know they are more than a number. Everyone has a birthday to be celebrated and being remembered with a birthday card is a comforting feeling. I know when I receive one I display it on my desk for a while. Lots of times there are notes from my coworkers, wishing me well plus little remarks that brighten up my day.

Remembering people and letting them know they are thought of in a positive way will bring a smile to their face. It is a good tradition to send birthday cards, as it is usually better to send then to receive!

4 thoughts on “You’ve Got Birthday Cards”

  1. Whenever I receive a birthday card from a company I do business with, I am always a little amazed. I mean, holiday cards, sure… they just send them to their whole database. But a birthday card? That means they took just a little extra time to make me feel special and that they value my business. In a time when we increasingly become a number rather than a person, that special personal touch means a lot.

  2. I especially enjoy receiving a Birthday Card from a business with some type of coupon in it. My favorite local restaurant sends me a birthday card and an anniversary card every year with coupons for $10 off. I love the cards and the coupons. It’s got to help thier business too. It certainly keeps me coming back at least twice a year.

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