Business Christmas Cards with Traditional Elegance

When choosing the perfect business Christmas cards, it is often difficult to combine traditional taste in a design with a touch of modern flare. Design #153CW, Horse and Sleigh Die-Cut Season’s Greetings Card, does exactly that. The imagery is reminiscent of Christmas’ past including an antique sleigh being pulled through newly fallen snow by a white stallion. The sleigh is flanked with presents signifying the celebration of the Christmas season. The traditional design is accented with gold foil throughout, complimenting but not distracting from the picturesque setting.

Design #153CW - Horse and Sleigh Die-Cut Season's Greetings Card
Design #153CW - Horse and Sleigh
Die-Cut Season's Greetings Card

Design #153CW will certainly please your clients and remind them of the beauty of the holiday season. This die-cut holiday greeting card allows you to modernize the design’s classic appeal by having your personalization show through the die-cut window, making the design selection unique to you. Clients and business associates will proudly display this card making your name or business visible to all well into the holiday season.

If your style is defined by simplistic elegance, Design #122CX, Golden Holly Greeting Holiday Card, is a selection that will be reflective of your personal taste. This design, appropriate for use as personal and business Christmas cards, is subtly bold with a deep burgundy background color. The simple “Happy Holidays” message is framed in gold foil with holly encircling the border. Elegant and striking, this card could be used for either a holiday or Thanksgiving card selection. With an extensive list of greetings available to enhance the universal exterior message, this selection is a perfect selection for someone who is purchasing cards with a variety of recipients on their mailing list.

Design #122CX - Golden Holly Greetings Holiday Card
Design #122CX - Golden Holly Greetings
Holiday Card

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