Corporate Christmas Cards not for the Timid

Black corporate Christmas cards almost sound like a bad horror movie rather than an elegant way to send holiday wishes to everyone on your holiday greeting cards list. While it is admittedly not for everyone design #831CX, Golden Snowflake Elegance Holiday Card, will surely appeal to those who are not interested in sending season’s greetings cards in the traditional colors of red, green, or gold.

This design is a very striking, sophisticated card. The golden snowflake of course stands out on the black background, but it is the “Happy Holidays” sparkling sentiment in the gold refractive foil that really makes this card pop! Any organization that sends this as their corporate holiday cards is sure to make a statement…and that statement will be that they are hip, modern, and a class act all in one!

Design #831CX - Golden Snowflake Elegance Holiday Card
Design #831CX - Golden Snowflake Elegance
Holiday Card

Design #825CS, Season’s Greetings Snowflake Card, is also an eye-catching card. At first glance you would think that it is just a very ornate silver snowflake. But take a closer look at the snowflake in the center of the card and you will see that within the snowflake the words “Season’s Greetings” are shining back at you at every turn…a very unique idea! The sparkling silver foil on the deep, almost midnight blue background is quite dazzling. Again this card is not for everyone. So if you don’t want to stand out but would rather have your holiday cards blend in with all the other business Christmas cards your clients and customers will receive, this card is not for you.

Design #825CS - Season's Greetings Snowflake Card
Design #825CS - Season's Greetings
Snowflake Card

4 thoughts on “Corporate Christmas Cards not for the Timid”

  1. these days people are trying different ways to wish Marry Christmas to their friends as with Mobile phones, sms’s, Phone Calls, Christmas cards and many other ways, mostly those people when they are in transit, they use phone calls to wish their friends Christmas, in corporate areas there are different ways as well like buckets for flowers, corporate christmas cards etc..

  2. I would never have thought to buy black Christmas cards –it just doesn’t sound right – but out of the thirty or so Christmas cards I received this year, 4 were black and 2 were dark blue. My favorite card of the whole bunch happened to be the black card so go figure. I guess today anything goes.

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