Ways To Truly Make A Business Christmas Card Your Own

When sending a business Christmas card this holiday season make sure to take the time to think it through.  There are always businesses that rush their order and do not take the time to understand how much this card can help elevate their brand.

People tend to hang up Christmas cards in the office or at the very least leave them on their desks for a while.  Get your company name out in front if you can.  It is even better if you can possibly get a picture of your team or your company logo on the front.

There is always the choice of trying out a calendar card.  These cards fold out and are useful because they could conceivably last all year long on a cubicle wall.  The key is getting your brand on there to show all year long as well.

Now on to the inside of your card where it is very important not to offend your clients.  I tend to keep it very simple and very generic.  I do not mention Christmas; I will keep it generic and say “Happy Holidays” so that it does not have a religious tone.  I also tend to make sure we have signatures on the card to give it that personal touch.  Keep these things in mind and you will do just fine this holiday season.

Benefits of Sending Photo Christmas Cards to your Customers

Last year for the Holiday season I received a great Christmas card from one of the companies I have done business with in the past.  The card was a sturdy one with a really great picture on the front of all the employees with these great happy smiles! It made me think about the fact that knowing the faces of the actual people you talk with to do your business really can make a difference.  I realized this fact once I saw a picture of the lovely woman I have spoken with over the phone.  Putting together the face with the voice and her mannerisms gave me a warmer connection to the company, which happens to sell many items I can get in numerous other places.  Since many other companies also offer most of the same stuff, having this connection made a difference.  I liked the service and then the picture of the employees solidified my feelings towards this company.   I guess you could say there are benefits of sending photo Christmas Cards to your Customers since it might bring in new business and also get some business back that may have gone elsewhere.  An increase in the bottom line, something we all want!  Just because of employee faces on a Christmas card.  Good wishes make good connections!

Corporate Christmas Cards Make Your Company Look Good

Your clients have helped your business grow and become successful. Don’t they deserve to be remembered and thanked? Don’t you want your company name to stay in their minds? Send them corporate Christmas cards! Holiday cards let your client know that you appreciate them and their business. They spread good cheer and happiness at a very special time of year.

Holiday Ribbon and Stars Card

Choose a good quality card that shows you have excellent taste and spent time selecting your cards. The Gallery Collection has over 700 cards to choose from. You might choose a design that has an outdoor winter scene; snow glistening on the trees or cute penguins or polar bears! Or something classy and elegant with sparkle and shine! (But not the kind that the glitter falls over the card and you’re wearing it for weeks!) Shiny ornaments, bells and bows. Peace on Earth is always a great sentiment for everyone.

Let’s face it, your clients chose you for a reason. Corporate Christmas cards will make you and your company look better!

Send End of the Year Cheer with Business Holiday Cards

I remember when I began with what was, at that time, a “start up company” during the summer of 2004. Since our company was so new we were continuously working on smoothing out the bumps along the road and getting into the swing of things. Of course, we were super busy especially being that we were getting near to the end of the year closing. My co-workers and I became very close since it was the same group of us working together on most of the projects from the inception of the company. During one of our group lunches back in October 2004 we were discussing what we could do to show our gratitude to our clients and vendors for closing the end of the year successfully. We came to the conclusion on sending out business holiday cards as a thank you for doing business with our fairly new company. We decided to use The Gallery Collection as they had such a variety at such great prices. When we received our first order, I remember we could not believe the quality of the card and how thick the cardstock was.

Poinsettia Wrappings Holiday Card

It is now 2013 and our company is even busier than when we started. It has now become our company’s tradition to send out corporate Christmas cards from The Gallery Collection every year. Our longtime clients enjoy reading them as they are a reminder of how long we have been in business together since 2004. As for our newer clients, the feedback on the cards has been nothing but grateful and positive. Our holiday cards are also a reminder to us as it symbolizes just how far we come since that summer when we started. The Gallery Collection will always be synonymous with our company since they were there from the beginning. Cheers!

Christmas Cards Made Simple

The demands associated with running a new business can be hard, especially with the holiday season just around the corner. When I started running my own HVAC Systems business, I was not quite prepared for the sometimes overwhelming tasks that come hand in hand with running your own business. I started it in March and after a few extremely short months, thought I’d be running my new business right into the ground! The holiday season brought upon a whole new host of problems and I had no idea one of the biggest thorns in my side would be Christmas cards! My business mainly installs central air conditioning units for large wholesalers, personal homes, and everything in between; thinking of a greeting that fit my holiday wishes to my wide range of clients was difficult, but the answer finally came as a catalog in the mail.

Christmas Wishes Holiday Card

The Gallery Collection helped me down to every detail of the card (I had no idea I would be thinking so much about whether to use ‘and’ or ‘&’!) The process in my head that took weeks to mull over was done on the phone in less than 30 minutes. They had no problem incorporating my logo into the card; allowing me to send holiday greetings and drive some business. After the season, I was overwhelmed with the amount of business I had received by just sending out a holiday greeting! I would recommend The Gallery Collection for corporate Christmas cards, small businesses, or anybody who needs a few to say something special. The staff is wonderful to work with and I anticipate not having to think about these in the future!

Christmas Cards- Still a Good Business Decision

Many difficult decisions have to be made by the average business owner on a daily basis. In this economy, where every day there are reports that the market is on a downturn and also that another recession is on the horizon, these decisions must be made carefully. So as the leaves begin to turn colors, and the crisp air greets us as we close the door behind us, the decision about how to handle the Christmas cards decision looms. As a small business owner, each one of these decisions must be made with great care.

Holiday Sleigh Card

One of the best principles I have always maintained through the years is to always let my employees know how much I depend on them and how appreciative I am of their hard work and loyalty to our business. The service they give to our customers comes back to us many times over in repeat business. Our customers are our bread and butter and without good service, they will go elsewhere.

Another principle I have maintained is to do everything I can to keep our business name out there so our customers old and new are reminded of the great service they have received. One of the ways I do this is with corporate Christmas cards. I am a fond believer in the value of calendar cards. I have searched for the best quality cards available with a design that our customers will want to hang on their wall and The Gallery Collection is always the winner. Their beautiful designs help us to remind our customers of our business and our well wishes, but they also serve as a constant reminder, on a daily basis, of the excellent service from some good friends. It is money well spent in a time when every penny counts. The eternal optimist in me knows good quality, good wishes and good advertising will keep us going.

My Corporate Christmas Cards Victory

Every once in a while my boss will give me some odd jobs, for instance, last year she put me in charge of ordering some Christmas cards for the whole office. Of course I decided to push this off until the last minute. Thank goodness for The Gallery Collection, who certainly saved the day for me. Within a few days I was able to order corporate Christmas cards for the entire office. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull it off, but with The Gallery Collection’s helpful customer service representatives, ordering these custom Christmas cards was a breeze. And they turned out to be amazing.

Inside the Christmas cards we were able to include our own company’s logo and even hand written signatures. Although there was no big bonus in it for me, I marked this as a personal victory. I guess you can say my bonus is seeing my card hanging throughout the office on all of my co-workers’ desks.

And now, here we are again. The holiday season is right around the corner and I’m right on top of ordering some beautiful business Christmas cards. I think we may have a new holiday tradition around the office!

Make Your Corporate Christmas Cards Perfect

I’ve been in business for over 20 years and have always been able to find corporate Christmas cards that ideally match what I want to say, and how I want to say it, with style. Sometimes I go for poignant or nostalgic; other years I want something more modern. Whatever I feel it takes to make my business look good, and my customers feel appreciated.

I’ve used a card that featured a wood-sided station wagon with a Christmas tree on the roof, heading home in a glistening snow. A number of other cards had the same simple, timeless feel; a scene of glittering pines in the snow was another of my favorites. Sometimes I feel like something a little more vibrant, even edgy, for my cards. I got a ton of compliments last year for one with shiny gold, red and green foils on black paper! The variety is endless, with new and original designs out every year. On the front, a simple “Season’s Greetings” says it all for me. Inside, I customize my own message.

This year I’ve been making some business contacts overseas, so when it came time to order Christmas cards, I needed just the right look and feel to impress potential customers. I had no trouble finding just what I was looking for: a variety of great looking cards with an international feel, heralding “Peace on Earth”.

The perfect sentiment, one we can all embrace.

Yes, I Intend to Send Corporate Christmas Cards

Did you say this is socially unacceptable and politically incorrect? Bah humbug. I know the reason for the Christmas season and will stay with its original purpose. Peace on earth, goodwill to men, a Christmas Eve service at a hometown church with a tranquil nativity scene in front to remind us of what is most important in life. Corporate Christmas cards will be mailed out this year because there is nothing more American.

Exactly what are these seasonal greetings? They are verbs of action representing communications for the purpose of expressing good will. It can be the impetus to a productive conversation or a brief, sweet acknowledgement of an individual’s attendance on this earth. Think about it; even through the mailing of business Christmas cards we shamelessly accost one another with professional friendship, pay our due respects, and express kind wishes. Then through the discovery, reading, and handling of a brightly adorned Christmas card, a private moment in time is created in what could be a dreary, as-usual day. The recipient’s heart is warmed and made glad.

This uncomplicated extension of corporate kindliness is a sign of cultured society where perceived differences can be put aside to bring parties together in mutual regard for each other. Christmas is a national celebration that developed as our nation expanded and matured, and today the celebration still stands.

Company Holiday Cards Can Help Your New Business

Due to the economic downsizing my husband lost his job and went on the unemployment line for a while. He had a passion for food and wanted to start a business with this idea. Having a culinary background in college it seemed like a great idea!  They say do what you love and it won’t feel like you are working.  He had a brainstorm for a small business venture just before the holidays.  We were thinking of different ways to market our new business, we wanted it to be a little personal and reach people in a timely matter.  It would be beneficial to reintroduce ourselves to our community.  While our children were growing up he was very active in coaching sports and volunteering his time, now we were reinventing the wheel. I mentioned to him to send out company holiday cards to our prospective customers. We would be advertising and sending Season’s Greetings at the same time.

Sending corporate Christmas cards is a perfect way to be introduced to our new business associates. We included our company name, telephone number and website information on the bottom of our calendar card.  Potential customers can use them as a reference to remind them we are open for business year round.