Design 154CX – Watercolor Poinsettia Holiday Card

Being an artist and loving to paint, I have a bit of pressure every year to send out the perfect personalized Christmas cards. I am very interested in watercolors so when I saw Design 154CX – Watercolor Poinsettia Holiday Card, I knew I finally found the perfect card for me.

One of the unique features of this Christmas card is the colors of the flowers and ivy on the front of the card.  With its beautiful splash of colors, it actually looks like an artist brush stroked each and every card personally. The poinsettias are delicately placed on thick matte, buff colored paper which allows you to choose personalizing inside of the card, of either ink or foil printing, with ease. You can choose either the red or green ink to match the flower and ivy accents, or if you prefer your personalized Christmas card a bit more elegant looking , you can emboss the inside of the card in beautiful gold foil to match the gold flakes of shimmering snow falling around the poinsettia flowers. Each flake on the front of the card is bursting with an array of different colors depending on how the light hits the snow flake. I personally love how the gold foil looks when you open up this card and see how it glistens in the light.

Design 154CX - Watercolor Poinsettia Holiday Card
Design 154CX - Watercolor Poinsettia
Holiday Card

With the poinsettia being a symbol of the Christmas season, when your clients, friends and family receive Design 154CX – Watercolor Poinsettia Holiday Card, they will immediately identify that the Christmas season is upon us once again.

4 thoughts on “Design 154CX – Watercolor Poinsettia Holiday Card”

  1. My mom actually picked this card as her Christmas card last year. I’ve never been a fan of poinsettia cards because they always seemed out-dated to me. However, this card was truly one of a kind – the details were really beautiful!

  2. Certainly not your typical poinsettia that’s for sure. This is going to sound like a contradiction but the subtlety of the pastel colors really make this card stand out from all the other poinsettia cards I’ve encounter.

  3. Beautiful card. I agree, I like this version rather than some others I’ve seen on other sites with the traditional colors or photos of poinsettias. I’d love to see a sample to see the foil accents for myself

  4. I grew up in a part of the country where we were able to grow poinsettias in our garden. Now that I have pets, I’ve been told that the plants can harm animals if ingested. Sadly, I’ve had to settle for only having them on my desk at work. Now that I see this card I’m excited to buy a bunch to send to all my neighbors and relatives. Thanks for posting this.

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