Business Christmas Cards a.k.a. Good Will Ambassadors

Business Christmas cards will never be passé, and I’ll tell you why. Last year I almost cut sending corporate holiday cards from the budget. When I discussed this idea with my office manager, she was appalled. She reminded me of how the look and tone of our office changed last year when we started receiving our holiday cards from customers, vendors, and business associates. Her question was, “If we enjoyed receiving holiday cards from other businesses, why would we not expect the recipients of our cards not feel the same way?”

Instead of thinking of how much they would cost, I started to think of the positive effect these business Christmas cards created. The Gallery Collection’s cards are among the finest I have seen. The selection is varied so that I can always find a card that reflects my company’s image and that I know will not offend anyone. They are truly more than cards; they are good will ambassadors.

When you peruse the selections, you will notice the magnificent quality of these cards. Embossed, colorful, high quality paper, and an envelope designed to let people know that something special is inside. The highly competitive pricing is another reason I chose my corporate holiday cards from Gallery Collection. Of course, Martha, my office manager, was quick to remind me that shopping early and getting us an especially good discount was her idea.

As her reward, I will make sure we get the seal fast envelopes again!

4 thoughts on “Business Christmas Cards a.k.a. Good Will Ambassadors”

  1. I enjoy getting Holiday cards from businesses that I work with during the year. However, I don’t agree with the policy of everything being ‘politically correct’. I’m a Christian and I send out Christmas cards. Why should anyone be offended by my wishing them a Merry Christmas. If I were to receive a Happy Hannukah or Kwanzaa card from someone, my immediate thought would be – how thoughtful that they thought of me during their holiday.

  2. I think being politically correct is important. The holidays have different meanings for everyone.

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