Design #157CW – Holiday Toy Shoppe Christmas Card

My children are grown and gone, but I still want to go into that toy shoppe featured on design 157CW, Holiday Toy Shoppe Christmas Card, and buy toys galore! I mean, just look at the inviting striped awning and peppermint stick frame. The wreaths on the second floor windows are probably hiding all the elves who are working hard making toys. If that isn’t quaint enough, the bows on the gaslights and gaily trimmed snow-covered trees guarding the store are sure to elicit that old time Holiday spirit many of us remember and everyone wishes will be with them at this wonderful time of year.

Design #157CW - Holiday Toy Shoppe Christmas Card
Design #157CW - Holiday Toy Shoppe
Christmas Card

The unique feature of this personalized Christmas cards design is that it will appeal to the old and the young. Children will immediately identify with the wonderful holiday decorations, and the words “Toy Shoppe” alone will be enough to spark their imaginations. As for the adults, the design will amuse all of them, but those in the “senior” category will remember the days when little shoppes like the one on this card were sprinkled throughout the towns and cities of their childhoods.

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