It’s Easy Being Green with Personalized Holiday Cards

I see them everywhere – in the dentist’s office by the receptionist, in my Aunt Lucy’s kitchen next to the old wall phone, in the “automotively” fragrant service lounge where I’m waiting to have my car repaired, even in my modest gray cubicle at work – all sorts of calendars personalized with business contact info.

So last year, using the same idea, my husband and I decided to send out personalized holiday cards, unique ones that wouldn’t be tossed out with the trash on January 1st. Purposely, we opted for calendar cards. They are tri-fold and fit in a one-postage-stamp-sized matching envelope. Since we had several lines of space at the bottom of the calendar card to work with, we personalized a message for our family and friends and ended with our first names. The words were crisply embedded with a shimmering gold foil. We tried to craft a special phrase that would be encouraging, attractive and applicable throughout the year. If we were business owners the space on the calendar card would be used for our address, phone, fax, and website info.

Confident we had made a useful choice with our holiday cards, we were further delighted to discover that our calendar cards choice was designated as environmentally friendly. That means they were produced with raw materials from forests harvested and replenished in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. The elegant card paper stock was made through wind power and in facilities where certified renewable energy is used, offsetting carbon emissions. With sustainability being a keyword these days we knew we had succeeded in our green quest.

On a related note, it’s easy for anyone to see that in tough economic times it is more important than ever to give thanks to an individual customer or client that has remained loyal – an end of the year recognition to those who have frankly, kept all our places of employment going. On the personal side we chose personalized holiday cards to keep our family connections going.

The custom Christmas cards in a colorful and artistic calendar format are useful throughout the year and a solid choice. They are responsibly produced and the green way to go.

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