Design #402CS – Winter Sparkle Holiday Card

If you’re into winter scenes holiday cards, design # 402CS, Winter Sparkle Holiday Card, is one of many designs from The Gallery Collection that will definitely suit your needs. This design features a creek in the middle of a forest where the trees have been completely covered in snow. The small ripples in the river make it appear as though it is still flowing and you can almost imagine a baby deer walking up to take a refreshing drink of water. The sparkling dots on the card give the appearance that snow has once again just begun to fall, and when the light reflects on them, it gives the appearance of many different rainbows.

Design #402CS - Winter Sparkle Holiday Card
Design #402CS - Winter Sparkle Holiday Card

This design is featured on white stock paper and the different shades of blue can be perfectly matched with blue or black ink or even with silver foil imprinting. This is a great Christmas card that anyone would be happy to include on their desk, mantel, or even scrapbook to look back on the great holiday seasons of the past.

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