Winter Scenes Holiday Cards Evoke Warm Memories of the Season

Throughout the holiday season, people receive many cards sending wishes for a Happy Holiday and wonderful New Year.  It is difficult to make your card the one everyone remembers.  So, in your opinion, what makes a holiday card stand out?  Winter scenes holiday cards evoke warm memories of the season.  I enjoy receiving a card that triggers something special inside. A card that makes a person feel an emotional connection ensures that that card is extra special.

Think about how you feel when you see a picture of a glittering forest lined with evergreens and a sweet deer munching on the grass. Or how do you feel when you see a picture of an old fashioned covered bridge over a running stream surrounded by snow covered, rolling hills?  Winter scenes on holiday cards like these make a person feel a comfort. It is almost like being hugged by a card. Beautiful scenic cards take you away from your current surroundings even if it is only for a moment and fill you with the warmth of the holiday season.

Sending winter scenes holiday cards also means you are sending your customers, family, and friends more than just well wishes for a bright and merry holiday season. You are also sharing with them the special feeling of coziness. You are inviting them to a little escape of relaxation and snugness. Send a card that sends a message of closeness.

Design 731CS – Snow-Covered Tree Holiday Card

Design 731CS – Snow-Covered Tree Holiday Card, is a photograph of an apricot tree on a Rocky Mountain ranch in Western Colorado.  On the surface of the photograph, which has been embossed to appear three dimensional, is a light sprinkling of silver foil which brings the snow to life. There is something soothing and peaceful in winter scenes holiday cards, like a hush. Winter scenes are also perfect for someone looking for Season’s Greetings cards. This scenic design is printed on kromekote which is an FSC certified paper.

When I found that the photograph on Design 731CS – Snow-Covered Tree Holiday Card, was of an apricot tree I wondered how it survived in what seems to be a blizzard. I think of fruit trees as growing in warm climates not Western Colorado of all places.  Turns out that apricot trees can tolerate the cold weather unless they are just starting to blossom and there is a late frost.  Maybe winter scenes holiday cards should come with a fact sheet so we can admire while we learn!


Design 731CS - Snow-Covered Tree Holiday Card
Design 731CS - Snow-Covered Tree
Holiday Card


Design #624CX – American Homestead Winter

American Homestead Winter Holiday Card, design #624CX, is a reproduction of an original Currier & Ives print depicting a winter scene of years gone by. The sheer simplicity of this winter scene holiday card printed in sepia-like tones evokes fond memories of a life uncomplicated by the hustle and bustle of modern day society. An old style farmhouse surrounded by a somewhat broken down picket fence is set off to the side with a snow covered road separating the residence from a barn across from it. The focal point is a horse drawn sleigh leisurely carrying two individuals to an unknown destination.

Design #624CX - American Homestead Winter Holiday Card
Design #624CX - American Homestead Winter Holiday Card

Scattered around this idyllic farm scene, people are going about their daily chores: a man carrying wood with his dog, a woman leaving the house with a bucket, a man in the barn tending to the animals. These people are highlighted by subtle coloring of various hues of clothing in an otherwise sepia-toned scene. Just looking at this snow covered scene with its glistening snow covered trees, makes one have a sense of serenity and peace. The entire scene is bordered within a thin frame of gold foil and a golden plaque at the bottom reads “Season’s Greetings.”

This design is printed on a buff colored matte finish paper stock produced using environmentally friendly processes. The depicted scene on this card will be so pleasing to the recipient, it might be worth framing and hanging year round to remind one’s self to stop and relax once in awhile from the hectic pace of everyday life.

Keeping the Peace with Winter Scenes Holiday Cards

With the United States becoming a melting pot we realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas. The days of wishing someone a “Merry Christmas” are all but gone. Now we say “Happy Holidays” and refer to the Christmas tree as the Holiday tree. In New York City the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center is now “The Tree” – no Holiday or Christmas. We are seeing an influx of winter scenes holiday cards also; a winter scene makes no statement of religious affiliation. Winter scenes are a safe bet for businesses to send to their clients – there’s no chance of offending anyone! With that being said there are some very beautiful winter scenes on the cover of holiday cards. Babbling brooks and deer in the snow make a serene picture that is so nice to see and one can dream of being there to witness Mother Nature at her best. Skating in Central Park is also a delight to see. Winter scenes bring back fond memories of youth when snow meant no school instead of shoveling out our cars to get to work.

When I order my holiday cards, I like to order personalized holiday cards to make sending cards easier, not to say that it is a chore but I always seem to wait until the last minute to send my cards. Each year I promise myself to start earlier but I never do. So again personalized holiday cards are the way to go. I like to sign my cards also and try to dash off a quick note but if I don’t have too much time I don’t have to because I ordered personalized holiday cards! I get the envelopes personalized too…what a time saver! I read that about 20 billion holiday cards, letters, and packages are post marked in the U.S. between Thanksgiving and Christmas so I can’t be alone by ordering personalized holiday cards to save time!

Design #402CS – Winter Sparkle Holiday Card

If you’re into winter scenes holiday cards, design # 402CS, Winter Sparkle Holiday Card, is one of many designs from The Gallery Collection that will definitely suit your needs. This design features a creek in the middle of a forest where the trees have been completely covered in snow. The small ripples in the river make it appear as though it is still flowing and you can almost imagine a baby deer walking up to take a refreshing drink of water. The sparkling dots on the card give the appearance that snow has once again just begun to fall, and when the light reflects on them, it gives the appearance of many different rainbows.

Design #402CS - Winter Sparkle Holiday Card
Design #402CS - Winter Sparkle Holiday Card

This design is featured on white stock paper and the different shades of blue can be perfectly matched with blue or black ink or even with silver foil imprinting. This is a great Christmas card that anyone would be happy to include on their desk, mantel, or even scrapbook to look back on the great holiday seasons of the past.

Design #365CW – The Homecoming Holiday Card

Having all the family home for the holidays is a recurring theme that generates warm feelings. If you like winter scenes holiday cards that bring people into the picture, and that tell a story, you’ll love design #365CW, The Homecoming Holiday Card.

In this peaceful scene, we see an adult and a child, hand-in-hand, walking up a snowy path to a farmhouse that’s aglow with welcoming light in its windows and smoke flowing from its chimneys. The time appears to be just after twilight, with the moon and first stars visible, and a sky still alight with the reflection of the moonlight off the white snow. Even the barn has a glow in the windows, letting you know that the animals, too, are home and warm and cared for.

Design #365CW - The Homecoming Holiday Card
Design #365CW - The Homecoming Holiday Card

Are these residents of the farmhouse, arriving home at end of day? Are they visitors, stopping by with holiday wishes, and maybe with a basket of homemade jams? Perhaps they are family who have come from a distance to celebrate the holidays with those they love best. Having spent some years living in the country, I have memories of that crisp, clean winter air and the eager anticipation of trudging through snow toward the gratifying comforts of home and family, warmth and smiles, plus the aromas of a home-cooked meal.

Like the original painting from which it was printed, this scene is enhanced with a gold foil frame. The matte-finish white card stock is the perfect medium for the quality and purity of this comforting scene. Sending this winter scene holiday card is a caring way of sharing these feelings of security and the comforts of a peaceful sanctuary.