Design #624CX – American Homestead Winter

American Homestead Winter Holiday Card, design #624CX, is a reproduction of an original Currier & Ives print depicting a winter scene of years gone by. The sheer simplicity of this winter scene holiday card printed in sepia-like tones evokes fond memories of a life uncomplicated by the hustle and bustle of modern day society. An old style farmhouse surrounded by a somewhat broken down picket fence is set off to the side with a snow covered road separating the residence from a barn across from it. The focal point is a horse drawn sleigh leisurely carrying two individuals to an unknown destination.

Design #624CX - American Homestead Winter Holiday Card
Design #624CX - American Homestead Winter Holiday Card

Scattered around this idyllic farm scene, people are going about their daily chores: a man carrying wood with his dog, a woman leaving the house with a bucket, a man in the barn tending to the animals. These people are highlighted by subtle coloring of various hues of clothing in an otherwise sepia-toned scene. Just looking at this snow covered scene with its glistening snow covered trees, makes one have a sense of serenity and peace. The entire scene is bordered within a thin frame of gold foil and a golden plaque at the bottom reads “Season’s Greetings.”

This design is printed on a buff colored matte finish paper stock produced using environmentally friendly processes. The depicted scene on this card will be so pleasing to the recipient, it might be worth framing and hanging year round to remind one’s self to stop and relax once in awhile from the hectic pace of everyday life.

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