Design 731CS – Snow-Covered Tree Holiday Card

Design 731CS – Snow-Covered Tree Holiday Card, is a photograph of an apricot tree on a Rocky Mountain ranch in Western Colorado.  On the surface of the photograph, which has been embossed to appear three dimensional, is a light sprinkling of silver foil which brings the snow to life. There is something soothing and peaceful in winter scenes holiday cards, like a hush. Winter scenes are also perfect for someone looking for Season’s Greetings cards. This scenic design is printed on kromekote which is an FSC certified paper.

When I found that the photograph on Design 731CS – Snow-Covered Tree Holiday Card, was of an apricot tree I wondered how it survived in what seems to be a blizzard. I think of fruit trees as growing in warm climates not Western Colorado of all places.  Turns out that apricot trees can tolerate the cold weather unless they are just starting to blossom and there is a late frost.  Maybe winter scenes holiday cards should come with a fact sheet so we can admire while we learn!


Design 731CS - Snow-Covered Tree Holiday Card
Design 731CS - Snow-Covered Tree
Holiday Card


6 thoughts on “Design 731CS – Snow-Covered Tree Holiday Card”

  1. I love the winter and winter scene cards are some of my favorites to receive. It is certainly a surprise to learn that is a fruit tree! It really makes the card unique!

  2. This is one of my favorite cards. The winter scenes are my favorite to choose from for the holidays. It will be tough picking a card, there are so many to choose from.

  3. What a beautiful scene for a Christmas card. Makes me wish I was there. This is a card I would love to receive.

  4. I love apricots and they’re so good for you. Who would have thought such a small fruit grew on such a large tree. I get the feeling that the tree is resting during the winter and will be bursting to life in the spring.

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