Merry Christmas Cards that Evoke Feelings of Holiday Warmth

Design #683CX, Fireside Greetings Merry Christmas Card, is an understated Merry Christmas cards design. It is done on cream colored stock with the appearance of water colors. The fireplace mantle is topped with lit candles and a pine garland with small holly berries. The front of the fireplace is donned with well placed red and green stockings waiting to be filled with goodies and a pine wreath with a large red bow. The fire is glowing inside the fireplace giving off a feeling of holiday warmth. Each design element is further outlined in gold foil, which makes them stand out nicely. Fireplaces are the center of the living room, or any room for that matter, and as such they draw families around. Can’t you just picture a lit fireplace with the family all around opening their presents on Christmas morning? Now there is a perfect holiday picture.

Design #683CX - Fireside Greetings Merry Christmas Card
Design #683CX - Fireside Greetings
Merry Christmas Card

Design #517CW, Frosted Pinecones Merry Christmas Card, is a very bold design done on white shiny paper stock. The image looks so real that it appears more like a photograph than a painting. The design features a close up shot of a pine tree accompanied by a red ball ornament and tufts of snow.

Design #517CW - Frosted Pinecones Merry Christmas Card
Design #517CW - Frosted Pinecones
Merry Christmas Card

I really love this Christmas card. You can’t look at it without thinking of the holidays. When looking at this design, it reminds me of holiday trips my family use to take to pick out our Christmas tree. My brother and I would run through the pine tree farm looking for just the right one. When we found it my father would take a shovel and dig out the tree. It was usually covered in snow and was still bearing its beautiful pine cones. The scent of pine would waft through the rooms making the house smell wonderful. After the holidays, we would plant our tree somewhere in the yard.

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