Our Go To Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

During the Holidays, I always get stressed out with buying Christmas gifts for my loved ones. And I happen to know my friends and family very well! It adds a degree of difficulty when you are buying Christmas gifts for coworkers. Especially if you are doing a Secret Santa and you get someone you don’t know!

Office Christmas Gifts

Whether you know the person well or not, you can still give them a great gift that everyone will love and appreciate. Some of our go to Christmas gifts for coworkers are listed below!

Scarves – Scarves are a great gift for both men & women. Getting a coworker a nice scarf for the winter season is perfect especially if you live in a very cold area.

Flameless Candles – Flameless Candles are the new popular household gift to give during the holiday season. Unlike regular candles, flameless candles are much safer and kid friendly for those coworkers who have young children. They also have many great scents to choose from!

Restaurant Gift Card – Who doesn’t like to go out to eat every once in a while?! Getting your coworker a restaurant gift card to a popular local chain is a wonderful gift to give around the holidays. It’s always nice to get out of the house during the winter and enjoy a nice family meal together, without having to cook yourself!

Home Made Cookies – My personal favorite gift to give a coworker around the holiday is home-made cookies! Nothing is better than receiving chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies to bring home. It really shows your fellow co-worker that you took the time out to make something from the heart!

Bottle of Wine – For those who enjoy relaxing with a nice glass of wine after work or the weekends, what better gift to give then a bottle of their favorite wine! If you don’t know their favorite, perhaps you can get them your favorite to try!

Gift giving around the office is such a fun way to celebrate the holidays in the office with your fellow coworkers and employees. It’s also a great way to learn more about each other and rejoice during the holiday season.

8 thoughts on “Our Go To Christmas Gifts For Coworkers”

  1. My co-worker gave me a gift card and I lost it. 🙁 For me a tengible object would be best. I won’t lose that!

  2. I’m always stumped on what to buy for co-workers. Candles are always my great back up plan if it’s for a woman. A scarf is a great idea for both a man and a woman! I can also recommend a christmas tree ornament or a visa gift card.

  3. Some other small gift ideas can me socks, lottery tickets and picture frames. You can also make a basket with a bunch of small gifts remeber it’s the thought that counts. Having a bunch of small gifts is sometimes more fun than just one big gift.

  4. It is hard to come up with great gift ideas for coworkers. What I try to do during the year is pay attention to my coworkers likes and dilsikes. When I hear them say something like… oh, I love Andrea Bocelli or I love a certain red wine, I jot a note in Outlook. When Christmas comes along I have an idea of what they would like to get as a gift.

  5. I have a secret santa gift to buy and I couldn’t think of many good ideas. This definitely helps. For some reason I kept coming up with the idea of a nice tin full of homemade cookies. I don’t have time to bake cookies!

  6. An office secret santa is fun . Sometimes we play after you open a gift, the next person can swap with you or pick a gift from the pile. It adds an extra spin on gift giving and brings out a different side of your co-workers.

  7. You really can’t go wrong with a restaurant gift card. It’s the perfect gift for just about anyone, especially for those you don’t know very well.

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