Calling All Foodies: 5 Delicious Birthday Card Ideas

You know what I love about birthdays?? All that food! The cakes, the cupcakes, the brownies…ALL THE SWEETS! It’s the greatest. But there’s something even better than that. How could something be better than food you ask? Well it is possibly my friends. Yup, it’s receiving your favorite goodies on a birthday card!

Think I’m lying? Check out these 5 birthday cards from The Gallery Collection that are sure to make you say “Yummy”.

1)    Happy Birthday to You! Card [Design # 57PJE]
This birthday card is sure to highly please your senses, especially to taste! Perfect for the ladies in your office this card offers wonderful pink, purple & green colors to ensure to make someone’s birthday very special.

2)    Happy Birthday! Card [Design # 50QJE]
With this birthday card perfect for either male or female co-workers, it’s a great way to celebrate their birthday…with a little help from chocolate birthday cake.

3)    Six Layers of Fun Birthday Card [Design # 58PJR]
What happens when a birthday celebration meets Alice in Wonderland? You end up with this fun birthday card design! Who doesn’t love a birthday cake inspired by a Disney movie?

4)    Cupcake Trio Birthday Card [Design # 55PJE]
My personal favorite birthday card! This adorable birthday card is perfect to give to your fellow co-worker. A great way to add a cherry on top of a fantastic birthday festivity for your employee.

5)    Sweet Birthday Card [Design # 52PJR]
And last but definitely not least, this delightful & lovely birthday card. Simple but sweet, it gets right to the point: Wishing you a happy birthday!

With all these pleasant & enjoyable birthday cards to choose from, it makes you start to wonder if it’s ok to always skip dinner & go right to dessert!

Our Go To Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

During the Holidays, I always get stressed out with buying Christmas gifts for my loved ones. And I happen to know my friends and family very well! It adds a degree of difficulty when you are buying Christmas gifts for coworkers. Especially if you are doing a Secret Santa and you get someone you don’t know!

Office Christmas Gifts

Whether you know the person well or not, you can still give them a great gift that everyone will love and appreciate. Some of our go to Christmas gifts for coworkers are listed below!

Scarves – Scarves are a great gift for both men & women. Getting a coworker a nice scarf for the winter season is perfect especially if you live in a very cold area.

Flameless Candles – Flameless Candles are the new popular household gift to give during the holiday season. Unlike regular candles, flameless candles are much safer and kid friendly for those coworkers who have young children. They also have many great scents to choose from!

Restaurant Gift Card – Who doesn’t like to go out to eat every once in a while?! Getting your coworker a restaurant gift card to a popular local chain is a wonderful gift to give around the holidays. It’s always nice to get out of the house during the winter and enjoy a nice family meal together, without having to cook yourself!

Home Made Cookies – My personal favorite gift to give a coworker around the holiday is home-made cookies! Nothing is better than receiving chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies to bring home. It really shows your fellow co-worker that you took the time out to make something from the heart!

Bottle of Wine – For those who enjoy relaxing with a nice glass of wine after work or the weekends, what better gift to give then a bottle of their favorite wine! If you don’t know their favorite, perhaps you can get them your favorite to try!

Gift giving around the office is such a fun way to celebrate the holidays in the office with your fellow coworkers and employees. It’s also a great way to learn more about each other and rejoice during the holiday season.

Why Not Send Thanksgiving Cards?

Believe it or not, it’s September already! While most people are mourning that summer is over, I am thrilled that fall is right around the corner and the holidays are near. Many people are gearing up to send out Christmas cards this holiday season but I say why not be different and unique and send out Thanksgiving cards! With so many diverse designs to choose from at The Gallery Collection, sending out a Thanksgiving card to your clients & customers is a great way to show your appreciation.

Thanksgiving Cards

With Thanksgiving being my absolute favorite holiday, I love to send out cards to show my employees and clients that I am thinking about them during the holiday season. Receiving holiday greeting cards is such a warm and thoughtful gesture from a business. It really makes the holidays so much more meaningful.

Thanksgiving is a holiday when we give thanks for all the blessings in our lives and a time to reflect on the past year with our family, friends and loved ones. And more than ever during this time, sending out greetings cards such as Thanksgiving  shows your fellow employees and clients that you are grateful and thankful for them during this special time of the year!