Christmas Party Ideas For Your Office – Card Writing and Envelope Stuffing

I had the best time last year while getting our Christmas cards ready for mailing. We decided to do them all together! It ended up being the most fun office Christmas party ever! We prepared the office conference room with enough chairs so that all 14 of us could sit. We had pens enough for everyone to sign their names and pass them to the next person to the right, one at a time we all signed in just about the same areas so there was enough room for everyone. When that task was complete we then divided up the mailing list of 375 clients, so that everyone had a similar number of cards to address, it turned out to be a page each of about 25 names.

Office Christmas Party

Once that was all done, which is the serious part when we didn’t want any mistakes occurring, we then moved onto the stuffing and licking. After just a few envelopes, your tongue gets dry and sticky, so you need to wet your whistle! The owners are a really great couple and they made sure we all had a red solo cup with fruit filled sangria. Then began the sipping and laughing! By the time we were done with all that work we were enjoying each other’s company, discussing everything and anything except work. Once the work was complete the snacks came out, not to mention the owners had ordered a few pizza’s for all of us. It only took about an hour for the whole process. This was a Christmas party idea we will definitely do again, I suggest you try it!

7 thoughts on “Christmas Party Ideas For Your Office – Card Writing and Envelope Stuffing”

  1. This sounds like a great idea. A cheaper way to throw a company Christmas party and everyone gets to have fun! Is your company hiring?

  2. This seems like a lot of fun. I work at a small company and may suggest doing something similiar. I never really liked going out to dinner with the company when I’d rather be home with the hubby.

  3. Wait. Your boss let you drink sangria while you work? Is your company hiring? I’ll be right over.
    But I think “we” should send out greeting cards for ever yoccasion. There’s at one thing per month to celebrate and if not we’ll come up with something.

  4. That sounds like fun. I don’t know if I could handle addressing that many cards! My hands would hurt. The Gallery Collection does custom imprinting, you should consider for next year.

  5. This sounds like a great time. I would recommend having your cards imprinted next time, however if you get this kind of party for it, maybe you shouldn’t.

  6. Next time get the envelopes with the self stick strip. You won’t have to lick the envelopes and the recipients won’t smell the sangria.

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