Company Christmas Party Ideas

Some of Our Favorite Company Christmas Party Ideas

Ugly Sweater Parties. Secret Santa. Grab Bags. Non-Denominational Holiday Brunches. After Hours Eggnog-and-Mulled-Wine Shindigs.

At least one of those things is made-up, but the others are some of my favorite company Christmas party ideas.

Company Christmas Party Ideas

Well, I say favorite but I might be fibbing just a little bit. I’m not a big believer in mandatory gift-giving in one’s place of business, unless the spending limit is hilariously low and people know to have fun with it (i.e., everybody buys a joke gift from the dollar store). Because, hey, we’ve all been in that awkward situation where there’s an office Secret Santa and it’s “To Be Taken Seriously”, but you don’t know the person you got all that well and everybody walks away disappointed.

I feel it’s best to avoid that situation altogether.

My absolute favorite kind of office party is one where there’s decent food (catered or informal pot luck, it doesn’t matter), but not a lot of formal structure. It’s supposed to be a party; let the people unwind and make their own fun. By all means, encourage silly outfits. But don’t go so far as to make anything Mandatory™.

Really, the best Christmas party idea anyone can give you is to not over-plan your company party. Just toss up some decorations, put out some food, and see what happens.

5 thoughts on “Some of Our Favorite Company Christmas Party Ideas”

  1. The ugly sweater contests idea is so funny but asking people to spend money is wrong-maybe you have have people wear whatever Holiday Sweater they have then group them and decide who has the fanciest, ugliest or nicest sweater

  2. I like the laid back idea, however a nice formal party is always nice – something extra special to look forward to.

  3. I have been to many company Christmas parties – the formal at the Brownstone, another at the Marriot, and the quaint ones at the 101 Pub and Bourbon Street. The in office holiday parties have always been nice too. It really is what you like and love the people you are with. It is a great way to have the people you spend most of your time with together in a fun atmosphere.

  4. I must confess I have been guilty of over planning a few parties. I spend way too much on decorations and not enough on food. In reality, the folks in the office provide the atmosphere with their vibrant personalities, especially if there’s beer. I recommend keeping the décor simple. If you must splurge, invest in appetizers and games. No one wants to drive home after a heavy meal on a cold winter’s night.

  5. Ugly sweater parties are fun. They’re not too formal and gives everyone a chance to express themselves and show how creative they can get with those sweaters. Its quite hilarious .

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