Great Christmas Decorations For The Office

OK, so your office isn’t decorated that great for the Christmas holidays. I’ll tell you what we did in our office. Our Admin department took a look around and noticed that most teams had some little Christmas decorations here and there, but nothing spectacular. So, they decided to have a Christmas Wreath decorating contest.


This is a great idea to bring in some fun, competition with each other, and some great Christmas decorations. Our company supplied all the bare artificial green wreaths, 30” in width, and $25.00 to each department in the company who wanted to participate in the contest. That money was to go towards the decorations on the wreath. They told us that the 1st place winning department would receive a nice luncheon. There were other 2nd and 3rd place prizes given also.

We could do any type of theme or design we wanted. There could be a Christmas idea wreath, a Christmas sports wreath, a wreath that had something to do with what you do in your department, just to give you examples. We either worked on the wreath together as a department or chose someone in the department to do the whole wreath! It really was a lot of fun and we had a great little competition going with each other.

When the due date came for the wreaths to be finished, we were all so surprised how great they all looked. They were all so different. They were put up on the walls in each department that competed, and they all competed by the way! We all got into this contest and the competition was pretty tough too, but everyone had a fun time with it and when it was all finished we couldn’t get over how great our office looked for Christmas!

Hope you have a little competition in your office, you will be nicely decorated!

6 thoughts on “Great Christmas Decorations For The Office”

  1. Deidre, this is a wonderful idea!! When I go to work tomorrow morning I will show my boss your story. I think this will definitely be a great way to show team work and Christmas spirit in the office. I hope he loves the idea as much as I do.

  2. Great idea to keep the colleagues busy when there’s downtime in the office during the Holiday Season. Kudos

  3. I think a bit of friendly competition in the workplace is a good thing. And the fact that an idea like yours gets everyone involved in decorating the office for the Holidays is great!

  4. I always enjoyed it when offices and businesses decorate for the holidays. It gets everybody in the spirit and in a better mood. The wreaths are also a great idea, very creative. Nice read!

  5. Sound like fun… I’m going to pass this along to my boss to consider for this year’s Christmas celebration. Thank you for posting!

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