Happy Holidays From All of Us! Card

Business Holiday Cards Are Goodwill Advertisements

Sending business holiday cards is a goodwill advertisement. It says that you appreciate your customers or associates, that you are thinking of them at this time, and want to send them best wishes for the year ahead – which will hopefully include mutual benefits for both of you with your continued association! Holiday greetings advertise your business and spread cheer at the same time – it’s a win-win.

Happy Holidays From All of Us! Card

Sending an excellent quality holiday card really says something about your business – that you are organized, pay attention to detail, and truly appreciate those you do business with. It is worth the money and should be part of your marketing budget. Holiday cards won’t magically create business, but it makes sure that people keep you in mind. Even if they don’t realize it, they will certainly remember you better and be more likely to think of you for upcoming projects or orders if you get your name out there. Even better – select one of our calendar cards that they can hang up and view all year long!

It’s easy to be cynical about it – cards cost too much money, no one really cares, or the recipients just throw them out anyway. I have to disagree. The holidays can feel overwhelming and stressful, but don’t let that stop you from putting in this extra effort. Make it a part of your yearly budget and routine. Shake off that feeling and spread some holiday happiness to someone else who may need it!

In the email age, receiving a card in the mail is now a special event, even if they are getting a lot of them, even if they only look at it for a minute. Many offices do enjoy displaying the cards as decoration through Christmas so make sure yours is of great quality to stand out! Sure they’re not going to hang onto them forever, but again – they’ll see your name, be reminded of you, and think that you are really a company on the ball to have taken the time to send a greeting. To make your name stand out in an office display, you can select one of our die cut cards so your company name shows through even when the card is closed. Or you can customize one of our new digital printed editable cards which can include your company name right on the front design!

Remember, with our customization options you can also create your own special sentiment and/or add your company logo to further stand out from the crowd and make your business more memorable. The more people see of your logo the better! If you have a few people who have especially helped you over the year, it’s also great to jot in a bit of hand-written personalization. The time put in to do so will certainly be noticed.

Keep the good cheer in the holiday season and extend some goodwill to your customers. Not only is it easy advertising, but it really will be appreciated and it may just give you an advantage in the year to come!

6 thoughts on “Business Holiday Cards Are Goodwill Advertisements”

  1. it is really nice to get cards in the mail rather than the usual bills. i always notice when companies i use go the extra mile to send out a card. it brings cheer AND business – win-win situation!

  2. Love this card, maybe not for business to business wishes because of the Christmas tree and colors are too suggestive. However, I would definitely send them out to family and friends personally.

  3. This card is amazing. I would live to add our company name and send these out for the holiday!

  4. I received a holiday card from a company I was doing business with and I was very impressed. For them to take the time to send me a card means a lot and encourages me to keep doing business with them.

  5. Great job Gallery Collection! Nice to know I support a company who gives back to the community.

  6. I agree, we always send Holiday cards and without even having to explain why-just think of how you feel when you receive a card. Competition is stiff and if I stopped getting a card from a vendor I would wonder if were sill in business.

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