Ways to Recognize Employees This Holiday Season

My business revolves around Customer Service calls for a Medical device company. Our agents have had to learn quite a bit about products that customers call us about every day. There are manuals in all their cubicles so the representatives can answer questions. Our Human Resources department is small and we all know each other pretty well. So, when they received a pamphlet last year titled “Ways to Recognize Employees this Holiday Season!” they forwarded it to the administration team, in hopes of finding some new options which would show our appreciation to all employees this next upcoming holiday season.

Our choice for the best idea was: “Give all the employees something they would really be happy to receive”. After going over all the company expenses we decided that along with the Company Christmas Cards we’d also enclose a gift card from American Express! We are using the business AMEX card to pay for everything possible through the business and in this way we will accumulate a percentage of our total spending. The grand total can then be divided up among the total number of our employees and we can have gift cards issued. We are anticipating the amounts will be a number that feels like a really good gift! This way since everyone gets the same dollar amount there are no secrets about how much each employee receives and each can feel truly valued.

8 thoughts on “Ways to Recognize Employees This Holiday Season”

  1. I got a $25 Target card from my company this year as a holiday gesture. Already used it up. Great gift.

  2. I took my team out to dinner as their holiday gift. It was a nice way to spend some time together without thinking about work.

  3. Treating the team to a dinner out to celebrate the holidays is really nice, as it takes everyone away from the job to just have fun.
    It is also so nice to receive a gift, even if it is something small, such as a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts card. It makes you feel appreciated!

  4. I love office holiday parties! It gives a new perspective on the people you work with, and it is always a fun time.

  5. more and more employees would rather have a “gift” then the company spending a ridiculous amount of money on a “PARTY”. I like the idea of a catered lunch while at the office or gift cards, who doesn’t love and use gift cards. Great way to make employees feel appreciated.

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