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Sending a card to say ‘congrats’ is always the hallmark of a special occasion. Praising a close friend or family member on their accomplishment or good news spreads warm feelings all around, for both the sender and the recipient. This collection of cards features both simple yet elegant designs, to bold and powerful cards that really enhance the message. Whatever the celebration, these cards are sure to put a smile on their face.

Contemporary Congratulations Card – This card sends the appropriate message with just the right amount of flare. The blue, grey and green pastel pattern draped over the ‘congratulations’ provides both a unique and artistic touch to this card.

Bursting Congratulations Wishes Card – This card is simply a knockout. The gold-lettered writing combined with the sharp red design of the balloons makes this card standout from the rest. In addition, the bold golden text on the inside of the card only adds to the powerful effect of this card.

Stellar Congratulations Greeting Card – Creative is the word best used to describe this card. The design is complex and colorful, creating a pattern that will instantly catch the eye of whomever is receiving this special card. The color scheme is diverse and lavish, making this card suitable for anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd.

Baby Congrats Greeting Card – Welcoming a new life into this world requires a special card. This carefully and beautifully crafted card sends that message in just the right way. The blocks used to create a colorful and playful pattern to spell out this card’s message gives a simple reminder to the joys of new parenthood.

18 thoughts on “Greeting Cards Highlight – Congratulations Cards”

  1. I recently ordered the baby congrats cards for my company. Very pleased with the way they turned out. We’ve been ordering all our cards from gallery collection for years!

  2. Didn’t realize you sold the baby congrats cards – my company could use those!! Guess I’ll be ordering again!

  3. You guys have a great selection! I’m very pleased with my order of Congratulations cards and can’t wait to place another order.

  4. These cards are all gorgeous! It is nice to have specific congratulations cards – like the baby designs. Great selection, as always!

  5. My pastor gives out cards to the kids in our youth group, whenever one of them accomplishes something special, or has come through a difficult life challenge. I hope the kids are saving the cards, just to remind them of how special we all think they are.

  6. Boy or girl or multiples, the Baby Congrats card is usable for sure. Since that’s what we do around here, care for expectant moms and deliver babies, we need a bunch of these cards!

  7. I am especially fond of the cards on the darker paper. It really makes the artwork pop. I ordered the bursting congratulations card last year and it received compliments from my employees.

  8. I love sending a nice card for a new job or home warming – of course a new baby is always great too. I even send one with a new pet. Why not and everyone loves my cards.

  9. I recently received a Gallery Collection congratulations card for my college graduation last summer. It was a beautiful card with swirls and stars.

  10. I purchased the bursting congratulations cards for my eighth grade class to give them during graduation. They loved them!

  11. Everyone loves to be congratulated and recognized for their achievements, looking forward to continuing to browse your selection!

  12. Saying congratulations for accomplishments makes a difference. Taking a few minutes to write out a congratulations card and leave it for your coworkers or employees can really bring a smile to someone’s face and add to their loyalty.

  13. Any chance for an employer to show their employee that they care, and that they are more than just a cog in the machine is excellent. Congratulations cards are another way for employees to be shown appreciation from their boss and/or employer. Great idea, and the assortment boxes give employers opportunity to personalize the choice of card given.

  14. “Congratulations” is such a positive and beautiful word. The congratulations cards are a great way to show that you care, especially if you are unable to see someone physically.

  15. Just noticing how many opportunities there are to simply congratulate some one on an accomplishment . Cards are a perfect way to do it.

  16. Baby, promotion, change in career, special licencing, et cetera, all deserve to be acknowledged. I am usually busy and do not have the time to visit in person so the card is the next best thing.

  17. Baby, promotion, change in career, special licencing, et cetera, all deserve to be acknowledged. I am usually busy and do not have the time to visit in person so the card is the next best thing.

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